Antalya Old Town Route

Antalya is a modern resort town with a population of about 1 million people. At the height of the tourist season, the city adds the same amount of tourists.

Antalya Old Town Route
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Antalya is a modern resort town with a population of about 1 million people. At the height of the tourist season, the city adds the same amount of tourists.

Kaleichi is the historic center of Antalya, translated from Turkish meaning Calais fortress, Ichi inside. The heart of the old town is located between the districts of Lara and Konyaalta. Every year the old city is transformed, as the government spares no money for its restoration. Once on the narrow streets, you plunge into history and can spend hours mesmerized to walk from one old house to another. In order not to miss anything during the excursion to Antalya from Side, it is better to develop a route in advance.

Antalya - route through the old city

Consider the most interesting locations that should not be avoided:

  • Yavuz Ozcan Park - The park is located with cascades of terraces that descend to the sea, on each level you will find beautiful views of the old city and port. Along the way there will be a panoramic elevator, which can bring you to the old harbor, but we recommend still walk, as there is still a lot of interesting things ahead. The
  • Place de la Republique is the main square of the city, where the monument to Kemal Ataturk is located, singing fountains, a lot of panoramic platforms, from which unusual views of the old city are opened.
  • The mosque and the minaret of Ivovli are perhaps the most important attraction of Antalya. It was built during the reign of Ala-ad-Din Kay-Kubad I - the Seljuk sultan, who loved the entire Antalya coast, and modern Alanya is just named after him. The minaret of Yivli is visible from anywhere in the city, the entrance to the mosque is free, if women do not have a skirt or headscarf, they can be used for free at the entrance. The mosque is a model of 11th century Islamic architecture.
  • Another very important location during the route through the old city of Antalya is the old harbour. The port is home to a toy museum, a maritime museum, a port mosque, a lighthouse and a picturesque marble beach. Every minute from the port departs pleasure ships, snow-white yachts, as well as a regular ferry to Kemer.
  • The Tower of Hidyrlyk is a 13.5-meter-high structure built in the 2nd century, which at one time was both the tomb of one of the Roman officials, and a beacon for ships, and a protective fortress, and an arsenal for weapons. Today it is a popular tourist attraction. We offer to complete our itinerary by visiting.
  • The Gates of Hadrian - the front entrance to the old city. As you understand from the name of the attraction was built in honor of the arrival of the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 130 AD Powerful gates have three arches decorated with beautiful marble columns. The monument is very well preserved to this day, which speaks about the quality of the materials used and the skill of the then masters.

This is not the whole list of interesting places that you can visit during a walk in the old city of Antalya. If you have free time, look out for the Karakash Mosque, Kara Ali Park, the Ethnographic Museum of Antalya and more.