Aqua Park close to Side

Aqua Park close to Side

Aqua Park close to Side
5/16/2019 12:00:00 AM
Side Tour

Aqua Park in Side "The Lands of Legends" - is the biggest and most famous on the Mediterranean.

In order that you don't waste your valuable time, we have already organized the trip to this Aqua Park for you. If you've visited the beaches that you wanted and want to try something new, then it's the right moment to visit this Aqua Park, which will delight you. Aqua Park (theme park) is located in the hotel complex "The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel" in Belek, 50 km from Side. Their offer is very rich, where everyone can find something for them self.

  • Modern pools for surfing.
  • Technological space for swimming, where there are waves as in the sea.
  • More than 70 slides (Infinity pool, Wave shock, Wild river, Twister racer, Tunnel deep dive, Baby pool, etc...), and 40 rides (Hyper coaster, Typhoon coaster, Family coaster, Sky fighter, etc...)
  • Underwater Safari.
  • Aquarium - the real underwater world. This is a relatively new entertainment, which is very popular among those who come to Turkey, in particular, in Side.
  • You can see the Dolphin show, or visit Disneyland.
  • Also, there you will find shopping centres, shops, restaurants, coffee shops.
  • One of the special attraction is the 111-meter-high Chateau with two observation platforms - one at 42 m, and the other at 65 m, from where you can see (especially at night) the spectacular sights of the Aqua Park "The Lands of Legends".

In Water Park in Side - The Lands of Legends there is a unique park with animals where you can mingle with real dolphins and see how they will swim, play, and also perform the show in front of guests. In addition, you can swim with dolphins (provided as an additional service), where you will be accompanied by an experienced instructor.

Side - Tours organize daily tours for Aqua Park "The Lands of Legends". Join us, and don't miss the opportunity to buy a cheap tour to the complex, which is a kind of Turkish Disneyland.

Tour program:

  • In the morning, tourists are taken from hotels (about 8:30 hours), then brought to the water park. The distance from Side to Belek, where the park is located, is insignificant, so the time on the road will fly by.
  • From 10:30 to 17:00 free time to visit and enjoy the attractions.
  • In the evening, the participants of the excursion trip gather again at the bus and return to the hotels.

For a pleasant stay in Aqua Park, take your swimsuit, towels, creams, sunglasses and a hat. Also, take the camera with you to record the most enjoyable moments on holiday.