Coronavirus in Turkey

Coronavirus infection has hit the world and of course has not bypassed Turkey. First of all, it is important to remain calm and precautionary.

Coronavirus in Turkey
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Coronavirus infection has hit the world and of course has not bypassed Turkey. First of all, it is important to remain calm and precautionary.
In this regard, the rest on the Mediterranean coast will be slightly changed and adjusted. To date, coronavirus has killed 3,952 people in Turkey, with 143,114 cases. In May, the quarantine was relaxed, and enterprises are gradually opening up. Fitness clubs, museums and restaurants will also soon open their doors to visitors. Slowly but surely the whole world is out of the situation and returns to normal life without the COVID-19 infection.

What will change at airports.

At airports, all foreign nationals will be tested for COVID-19, for safety and infection control install thermal cameras that measure the temperature of the country's guests, all will be given protective masks, and install disinfectant cabins. It is also planned to introduce mandatory testing of all foreign nationals and residents of Turkey who have returned from other countries.
They promise that testing for the virus will take no more than 2-3 minutes, and the result will be ready in 5 hours. In case the test turns out to be positive, the guest will be isolated in the hotel, where special zones are equipped. The authorities are taking all necessary measures to combat the coronavirus in Turkey.

What changes in the hotel sphere await us in the 2020 season.

In late May - early June, hotels and tourist areas will open, but only those that will be tested and will receive a certificate of absence of coronavirus infection. It is important to note that on the beaches the number of sunbeds will decrease, restaurants will have fewer tables and increase the distance between them, half of the hotel rooms will be empty.
The first thing to look out for is an "all inclusive" or buffet. It is impossible to keep the distance and all precautions, so most likely, there will be a replacement for a complex menu, and the hall will work waiters. These are necessary measures that should be introduced and observed for the safety of tourists and locals.

How the restrictions associated with COVID-19 in Turkey will affect tourists.

Domestic tourism is scheduled to open at the end of May, and foreign tourism will resume approximately in August. The guide introduces the program "Certification of Healthy Tourism" according to which enhanced security measures for transporting tourists, accommodation, and recreation will be introduced. The task is to protect holidaymakers and tourism workers.
Tourist transfers will be regularly disinfected, hotels and museums will be refitted so that tourists can keep their distance and disinfect their hands, and service workers will undergo regular medical examinations. However, due to all of the above, the cost of rest may change, although the hoteliers themselves claim that they are not going to raise the prices of accommodation. But a huge plus is that the authorities are acting and fighting the spread of coronavirus in Turkey.