Demre Church of St. Nicholas

Demre Church of St. Nicholas
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If you are a lover of historical, cultural locations, antiquities and ancient artifacts, then "Demre Mira Kekova from Side" tour is the best decision for your holiday in Turkey. This will be the great opportunity to visit one of the most ancient places where the Christian religion originated, and where it spread from.

Demre - is one of the most popular Turkish cities. St. Nicholas lived here in the last years of his life. The church in Demre, that bearing his name, in the past was destroyed in a severe earthquake, but now it has been restored and can be seen in Demre. In addition, there is a house and a sarcophagus, where, according to legends, they buried Nicholas the Benefactor. In the 11th century, the Italian pirates and monks from the Afon Monastery in Greece, move the bones of St. Nicholas to Bari, where they still keep them in the church of St. Nicholas in Bari.

Myra - was the capital of Lycia. The ruins of the ancient city of Myra are known for their unique tombs. These are the largest Lycian tombs in the whole country. Also, the ruins of the Greece-Roman theater, and other Roman buildings, are perfectly preserved here. This city was buried with earth and mud after a devastating earthquake. In the 10th century Turkish are come and (above the buried city of Myra) they built a new city called DE-MIRA (New Mira), and as time passed, this name changed to DEMRE.

KEKOVA - (the sunken city) was one of the cities that was destroyed during the devastating earthquake in 2 century BC. Today, above the water surface, several large structures rise, but most of the houses and buildings are under water. Ride on the yacht will allow you to see numerous interesting objects - stairs and columns of marble, the ruins of urban buildings, the port and Lycian burial. You can look at the remains of the city through a glass window at the bottom of the ship.