Excursions in Side in October

Excursions in Side in October
Side Tours

Side is a resort town in Turkey, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, near Manavgat. It is here that it is ideal to combine sightseeing and beach tourism. Side consists of numerous villages, each of them has its own peculiarity. For example, Sorgun is ideal for tourists who love greenery, flowering aromas and walks in the shade. Kumkei is a village of parties and youth companies. Cholakli is suitable for family holidays with children.

Weather in Side in autumn

Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and cool, rainy winters. The rainy season comes in December and lasts until February, it is not a bathing time, so the rains will not spoil your holiday. The season starts in April and lasts until the end of October. The air temperature during the day rises to 26 degrees Celsius, and at night it drops to 13 degrees Celsius. The water temperature is 24 degrees Celsius, and beach vacationers leave by mid-November. Rains are rare and rather bring freshness and in no way can spoil the rest.

Excursions in Side in October features

The middle of autumn is as comfortable as possible for travel, as there is no sweltering heat and scorching sun. This is worth considering, because most of the attractions are in the open.

Side is famous for its ancient city, which is located on a peninsula surrounded by ancient walls, towers and moat. Inside, the temple of Artemis and Apollo, the aqueduct, the fountain and the antique theater where the gladiatorial battles took place are preserved. All the constructions are created by the hands of the ancient Romans, it will not leave indifferent any traveler.

Excursions in Side in October to the waterfall and the River Manavgat - this natural attraction is 7km from the centre. Amazing scenery, an unusual man-made waterfall 40 meters long and 2 meters high and a large number of turtles in the area.

The tour from Side to Cappadocia in the autumn is the perfect time for long outdoor excursions. Everyone has seen these amazing pictures of a parade of balloons, valleys of mushrooms and stone churches. And to visit these places in person - an unforgettable pleasure. Each client will discover Turkey from the other side.

The Tour of Demre-Mira Kekova is one of the most popular destinations, which combines both entertainment program and religious and historical.

Excursions in Side in October is a unique opportunity to relax when the sweltering heat is behind, which means it's time to get to know Turkey and visit the sights. Side is also called an open-air museum, so we recommend traveling around the city in comfortable weather conditions.