Excursions in Side in September

Excursions in Side in September
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On the calendar the beginning of autumn, but Side continues to please tourists with summer weather. Daytime temperature 26-34 degrees Celsius, at night the minimum rate of 23 degrees Celsius, the maximum - 30.5 degrees Celsius. Rainfall this month is insignificant - 11 mm, wind strength - 2.7 m/s. The most comfortable time to rest in Side is considered to be the middle of the month, when unbearable heat leaves the coast of Turkey.

Tours in Side in September: what to look for

The temperature of the water and whispers to see the underwater world and its marine inhabitants. Our company offers holidaymakers an inexpensive, but at the same time extensive program with the diving center Scuba Side. On the tour, holidaymakers get to the amazing underwater museum Side. The museum was founded in 2015 and won the hearts of all holidaymakers with its exhibits.

Before immersion in the water is a full briefing, experts check the state of health to eliminate the contraception and issued all the necessary equipment, selected individually for each client. The program includes two dives of 25 minutes. First, tourists consider the "Flower Garden" after the offer of lunch, then the second on the exhibition "Spinning dervishes." There is no analogue of such a museum neither in Turkey nor in Europe.

Particularly popular with tourists in September is excursions in Side to Lake Salda and Pamukkale. The tour includes three meals a day. The itinerary begins with a visit to Pamukkale National Park ("The Cotton Castle"). A few thousand years ago, as a result of an earthquake, the earth's crust broke, from where hot springs began to beat. A beautiful sight will not leave a single person indifferent.

The next stop is the Cleopatra Pool. The pool got this name due to its amazing water, which has rejuvenating and wellness properties. Tourists will also visit the holy city of Hierapolis, familiarize themselves with ancient monuments, visit the ancient amphitheater. All the fascinating information on these places will tell the english-speaking guide from our company.

Minister Tours will help you find the most interesting excursions in Side in september. You will find a rich walk, food on tour and a english-speaking guide.