Excursions in Turkey

Turkey is a country of adventure, mood, rest, exhilarating joy and sea air. Beaches, mountains, sea, rivers.

Excursions in Turkey
Side Tours

Turkey is a country of adventure, mood, rest, exhilarating joy and sea air. Beaches, mountains, sea, rivers...
But how to do without programs and excursions that will help expand your horizons? As in any other country, an important point is its history, culture, attractions. And our excursions in Turkey will help you not to forget it. We invite you to plunge into another world with us and take a piece of these experiences home with you after an exciting vacation...

Side resort 

Let's get our attention to one of the most popular resorts - the village of Side. It is this place that has won the hearts of many tourists who come back here again and again. Although Turkey has always been famous for its hotels, but it is impossible to keep silent about the fact that in Side uniquely good hotel complexes, which praise all vacationers.
Rest on the beach brings a lot of pleasure, in the truest sense of the word. Clean water, near which you can comfortably settle down, luxurious restaurants and cafes, the kitchen in which is simply amazing.
However, it is not only this that Is famous for Side. There are an incredibly large number of unforgettable excursions. Historical, archaeological, entertainment programs, picturesque outdoor recreation, as well as excursions in Turkey, aimed at a useful pastime of your children.

What to see

Our travelers are sure to visit a local waterfall called Manavgat. Its popularity is deserved by the fact that it is incredibly wide, and the water has an emerald hue. It takes your breath away and surprises with its beauty.
More on. In Side there is an unimaginable historical tour to the open-air museums, where there are the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, ancient buildings that you should definitely visit.
Also, there are a lot of interesting things in Side: for example, quad safari, horseback rides, Pamukkale and Lake Salda (Turkish Maldives), Anatolia Lights (themed performances of outdoor dancers) and much more.
If you are going to Turkey for the first time, or have already been, but want something more unusual and exciting, then you should definitely contact us and we will always prompt and help with the choice of excursions and tours. And if you doubt exactly where to go, Then Side is always a win-win option.