Getting from Side to Cappadocia by car

Getting from Side to Cappadocia by car
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If you are asked what is the most unusual attraction in Turkey, you can safely respond to Cappadocia. You won't find anything more like this area on planet Earth. Even the creators of Star Wars took their inspiration from visiting the mysterious valleys of Cappadocia.
Getting from Side to Cappadocia by car is easy enough. To do this, you need to pre-rent a car, then lay a route, think through stops, consult with locals on which route is better to go and go towards adventures. Also do not forget about booking a hotel in Cappadocia, because the road there is not close and in one day it will be very difficult to make a route back and forth and at the same time to see at least a tenth of all attractions.
If you do not want to face such difficulties, it is enough to book a tour to Cappadocia for two or three days. Then we will solve all organizational issues for you, and you will only have to enjoy the rest.