How to get to Side

How to get to Side
Side Tours

Side is famous not only for its beautiful hotels and picturesque beaches, but also for being a historic city-monument. It is enough just to go for a walk around the city, where you get to the historical part of the city. There is a large amphitheater, where the games of gladiators, the ruins of the temple of Apollo and Athens, the old port, agora square and much more.
Every year the ancient city is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists, so the question of how to get to Side from different regions is relevant.
The easiest way to go there as part of a tour. Here you will be offered the best route to all the attractions, tell the story of each of them, provide a comfortable transfer in both directions, guide, insurance, lunch, etc.
You can also use the services of a taxi or come on your own by bus. To do this, you need to pre-plan your itinerary and at least speak a little English or Turkish.
Choose the most convenient way for you and forward to meet new knowledge and adventures.