Interesting and useful information about coronavirus and tourism

Interesting and useful information about coronavirus and tourism

Interesting and useful information about coronavirus and tourism
6/10/2020 12:00:00 AM
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Interesting and useful information about coronavirus and tourism! The enemy needs to be known in person! Today we will introduce you to information on how to avoid infection, how to identify symptoms and teach you how to use the mask correctly. Let's go, be careful!

Identify the disease - how?

It has been revealed that the incubation period, from the moment of infection to the onset of initial symptoms can occur in 14 days. If the infection is transmitted from one to the other, the incubation period can be 5 days. It turns out that all these 5 days people communicate with other people, touchethe swells the surface and thus infects everything around, and those who have become infected, in turn, so in a circle infect the rest. All symptoms are similar to normal SARS with mild form and pneumonia in severe. Symptoms include mild cough, fever, fever, complicated breathing, headaches in the head and muscles, chest pain and even loss of consciousness. These symptoms may also indicate other diseases. That's why the Covid-19 confirmation test is being done.

Infection - how to prevent!??

Follow the necessary rules: put on a beacon in public places, gloves, disinfect hands, and wash more often with soap. Why is this necessary? If there is a virus on your hands, the sanitizers and antibacterial soap will kill it, not allowing you to get sick. It is necessary to observe the distance in order that the microbes collected in the drops emitted from the mucous, transmitted at distances of up to 1.5 meters, if you are very close, it is quite easy to catch an infection. Do not touch: eyes, mouth and nose, so as not to transfer the virus from hands to mucous. Seek medical attention if you feel unwell to prevent the deterioration of the condition.

Mask - what do you need to know?

In the beginning, before putting on the mask, it is necessary to wash with soap or to treat hands with a sanitizer on an alcohol basis! The mask should be fixed so that it is adjacent to the nose and mouth without the slightest gaps. Do not touch the mask with dirty hands and once again. Before you remove again, treat your hands. Don't reuse the disposable mask. Or as a last resort, you don't need to sanitize and wash. It is recommended to change the medical mask every 2-3 hours and immediately dispose of it. The medical mask is dressed in different ways, it has two sides of different colors, depending on the need for use. That is, if you are sick, you need to put the mask white side inside, so the air will circulate only in the mask, not releasing germs. And if you want to protect yourself from infection, then the colored side is inside. This side is responsible for getting the germs inside your mask.
Attention! Excursions in Turkey can be ordered from us at any time convenient for you! But the obligatory condition is the presence of a mask on the face for the entire duration of the tour (we will provide them to you).