Lake Salda on the map

Lake Salda on the map
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Lake Salda is a crater lake formed at the bottom of an extinct volcano located in southwestern Turkey. It gained its popularity thanks to the azure water and the snow-white coast. It is popularly known as the Turkish Maldives.

In the first half of 2019 alone, about 600,000 people visited the lake, and at the end of the last tourist season the mark exceeded one million. The surface of the coastal line consists of hydromagnesite - the remains of the magma of the volcano, creating the illusion of a sandy coast. The coastal line of the lake contains healing mud with a high content of magnesite. They help with various dermatological diseases. Passing along the lake you can see how many tourists put a mask on their face, which in the hot heat also cools the surface of the body.

Lake Salda on the map

Lake Salda can be seen on the map near the popular resort of Antalya in The Burdur province near the village of Yoshilov. The closest to get to it from Antalya - it's only 160 km, then goes Marmaris - 213 km. From Side, the road will take about three hours, for which you will travel 230 km. The area of the lake is 45 km.sq., its length and width are identical - 8 km. The altitude is 1200 meters, and the depth varies about 200 meters. The lake is the deepest in Turkey.

Because of this difference in altitude, the temperature in this region is 10 degrees lower than in popular resorts, plus the reservoir feeds two mountain streams. In this regard, the water temperature even in the hot months of summer invigorates and does not exceed 20 degrees, and at the depth and can be icy. As the place has become relatively popular recently, the beach infrastructure is not particularly developed here, but changing rooms and showers will be without problems. Entry to the beach is free, except for some areas. The descent and depth set is gradual, so they bathe even with children. The difference of depths is clearly visible by the color of the water.

When you choose a tour of Lake Salda from Side as a bonus, you still get a visit to Pamukkale, ancient Ierapolis and the Cleopatra Basin. Thus, you can save not only financially, but also in one day to visit two wonderful locations. And what could be better than an extra day at sea while on vacation?