Lake Salda Turkey how to get

Lake Salda Turkey how to get
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If you love Turkey and come often to visit, then you probably know where to relax here! Did you know that there are real "Turkish Maldives" near Antalya.
Lake Salda Turkey how to get there? Of course, you can find options on the Internet, you can take a taxi or you can contact us. This is most convenient for many, and the price will not hit the pocket.
Lake Salda hid in the mountains. It is not only beautiful views, pure turquoise water, but also a place ideal for spa treatments. Therapeutic dirt, which can be daubed, white stones as a great means for peeling. The best time to visit is the hot months of summer, although the beach is open all year round.
This place is very similar to Tibet. Strong energy and virgin nature around, not yet spoiled by man, makes it 100 times more beautiful than the sea.