Lake Salda water temperature

Lake Salda water temperature
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Not far from Antalya, in the depths, hid a lake called Salda. It became known only recently, before, even many locals did not know about such a miracle place. Now, everyone wants to go there, to see firsthand at him.
The unique Lake Salda, whose water temperature in the summer differs by 10 degrees Celsius, is lower than in popular resorts. For the summer months it's great, you can freshen up.
Here are some facts about it:

  • Lake Salda is considered "Turkish Maldives" and all because of the white color of the beach.
  • As much as 185 meters deep is the leading depth of lakes in Turkey.
  • The turquoise water is transparent that you will easily see the bottom.
  • Therapeutic mud off the coast with useful minerals, you can smear absolutely free.
  •  here have found shelter and settled many varieties of birds and fish.