Parachute jump in Side

Parachute jump in Side
Side Tours

Antique Side, how much is beautiful here. It is a city of open-air museums on the Mediterranean coast. You can walk the streets of the ancient city and explore the sights throughout the holiday. But if you like active entertainment, the parachute jump in Side will add extreme.

The launch pad for the jump is located in Alanya. About an hour's drive is on a comfortable shuttle and you are already at the top of the mountain. Here are two launch pads - 500 and 800 meters. We recommend choosing a higher one. Then the parachute jump in Side will be longer in time and you can perform even some tricks. Before the flight, we will give a brief briefing on the safety regulations and pick up protective equipment. After that, literally 5-6 steps and you in tandem with the instructor begin to hover over the Torro Mountains. Under your feet a wide coastline stretches the beach of Cleopatra, behind Mount Taurus, ahead of the Mediterranean Sea. For some, flying seems like an eternity, for someone flying in a wind.

After landing, we will arrive at the office, where you can choose a photo and video of the flight. If you want to have a parachute jump in Side deposited not only in your memory, but also preserved on digital media, we recommend not to sting and buy them from the instructor. As for the price, you can negotiate on the spot and be sure not to forget to bargain. After all, you are in the eastern country, where the passion for bidding is embedded in the blood and important is not the moment of sale, and the bidding itself.