Paragliding Side Turkey

Paragliding Side Turkey

Paragliding Side Turkey
5/29/2019 12:16:22 AM
Side Tour

If you love the height, extreme and a sense of freedom, then the Paragliding in Side is ideal for you. These kinds of adventures on holiday have become a very popular in Turkey in recent times. To experience these unforgettable journey, you do not need to have any special skills and abilities, because even beginners can make a flight on a double paraglide with an instructor.

We offer absolutely safe entertainment with an experienced pilot, who will instruct and teach you everything. You will have 20 min of unreal pleasure and relaxation, available even for people without flying experience, for a very affordable price.

There are some categories of people who are not allowed to fly:

  • Women in a state of pregnancy.
  • Men whose weight exceeds one hundred and ten kilograms, and women more than ninety kilograms.
  • People in alcoholic condition.
  • Men who are taller more than two meters.
  • Small children (up to five years).
  • Unhealthy people who have heart problems, nerve disorders, diabetes, asthma.

If you do not have any contraindications listed above, be sure to take advantage of the possibility of flying. Just close your eyes, spread your arms like wings and enjoy in the incredible beauty around you.