Preparing Turkish hotels for the 2020 season

Preparing Turkish hotels for the 2020 season

Preparing Turkish hotels for the 2020 season
5/29/2020 12:00:00 AM
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The Turkish authorities are actively preparing for the tourist season 2020. The first and most important goal is to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Turkey. To do this, the "Certification of Healthy Tourism" is introduced - a set of rules that should be observed for the safety of the health of tourists and staff. The certificate will not get all, but only those hotels and tourist areas that strictly adhere to the rules and regulations.
Resort cities, hotels, restaurants are preparing for the reception of holidaymakers and already follow the rules, for example, the social distance will be observed absolutely everywhere, including footpaths, restaurants, beaches.

Hotel insulators

Those hotels that want to get a certificate are required to arrange living conditions for tourists with suspected coronavirus, i.e. isolation.
Turkey will check for COVID-19 absolutely all visitors. Thermal cameras and diagnostic centres are installed in airports and hotels. If the camera shows that the person has an increased temperature, he is immediately taken to the detention center until the circumstances are clarified.
These rooms are located in a separate building and are rooms that have everything you need for a comfortable stay, as well as a separate room for doctors and nurses. Presumably the infected tourist will take a test for coronavirus and, if necessary, will be taken to the hospital.

Buffet and social distance in hotels.

Hotels are actively engaged in the arrangement of tables, chairs, loungers and other furniture to keep the distance.
Shifts are introduced to arrange breakfast, lunch and dinner. For example, the dinner will take place at 6 p.m.; 19:00; 20:00, tourists will be able to choose a more convenient time for themselves and if you want to reserve a table, which will eat every day.
Near the pools there will be fewer sunbeds, with a distance of 2 meters. On the territory of hotels there is an authorized staff, which strictly monitors the order, new rules, social distance of holidaymakers and staff.
Turkey in its mentality is a very hospitable country, hotel staff tries to take into account every little thing for the safety of guests, so when filling out questionnaires and documents at check-in, guests will be given disposable pens.
To get a "certificate of healthy tourism" you need to try very hard. Hotels buy thermometers, thermal cameras, personal protective masks, antiseptic products and des. solutions. All furniture and rooms will be regularly disinfected.


Excursions in Turkey will also comply with safety regulations and regulations. The tour transfer is necessarily disinfected after each group, the guide monitors the social distance, masks and antiseptics are provided in the necessary quantity, and the occupancy of the bus will be minimal.
All the difficulties are temporary, let's stick to the safety rules and already next season to relax in the resorts of Turkey without a threat to health.