Secrets of Turkish names

Secrets of Turkish names
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Secrets of Turkish names - iwonder?? And here are the Facts:
✔Fact 1. Every name in Turkey matters.
✔Fact 2. These names are given for a reason. Sometimes, if there is a weather phenomenon during the birth of a child, the child gets the appropriate name. For example: Ya'mur - rain; zafak - Dawn; The lightning bolt.
✔Fact 3. Some parents put in the name the quality that they would like to educate in the child. For example: zeki - smart; Hikmet- wisdom; Gaye is the goal; Aspiration; Ece is a beauty queen. Sometimes Turkish names mean sides of the world: Kuzey- north; G'ney - south.
✔Fact 4. List of the most common Turkish names according to 2017 and 2018. Yusuf is a male name, which has been at the forefront for 5 years in a row, and the female name is zeynep.
✔Fact 5. The Turks have very funny abbreviations of names. For example: Ibrahim- Ibo; "Rem-"; Orhan - Orki; Ali - Alo.
✔Fact 6. Usually newborns are given double names: 1 is a religious name, and the second - secular.
✔ Fact 7. There are banned names in Turkey. You can't call children by Shaytan's name, you can't even say it in your ear.
✔ Fact 8. Prohibited Letters: W; X. Previously, people with letters in names could not get a passport, because they broke the law. And now they are simply replaced, for example: Alex - Aleks.