Secrets of Turkish names

The secrets of Turkish names are interesting??? Then we will briefly familiarize you with the basic facts and arriving next time in Turkey will be able to surprise the locals with their knowledge

Secrets of Turkish names
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Secrets of Turkish names - iwonder?? And here are the Facts:
✔Fact 1. Every name in Turkey matters.
✔Fact 2. These names are given for a reason. Sometimes, if there is a weather phenomenon during the birth of a child, the child gets the appropriate name. For example: Ya'mur - rain; zafak - Dawn; The lightning bolt.
✔Fact 3. Some parents put in the name the quality that they would like to educate in the child. For example: zeki - smart; Hikmet- wisdom; Gaye is the goal; Aspiration; Ece is a beauty queen. Sometimes Turkish names mean sides of the world: Kuzey- north; G'ney - south.
✔Fact 4. List of the most common Turkish names according to 2017 and 2018. Yusuf is a male name, which has been at the forefront for 5 years in a row, and the female name is zeynep.
✔Fact 5. The Turks have very funny abbreviations of names. For example: Ibrahim- Ibo; "Rem-"; Orhan - Orki; Ali - Alo.
✔Fact 6. Usually newborns are given double names: 1 is a religious name, and the second - secular.
✔ Fact 7. There are banned names in Turkey. You can't call children by Shaytan's name, you can't even say it in your ear.
✔ Fact 8. Prohibited Letters: W; X. Previously, people with letters in names could not get a passport, because they broke the law. And now they are simply replaced, for example: Alex - Aleks.