Shifting tourist season in Turkey

Shifting tourist season in Turkey
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Firuz Baglyka, head of Turkey's travel agencies, gave an assessment of the season in 2020. Officially, the tourist season is open from June 1, but according to the head of the tourist association, most likely, there will be a shift of the season to September-October. He also noted that visits to Turkey will be mostly business than tourist.
The expert's forecast is not disappointing, he predicts a decline in tourism revenues in 2020 by 60-70%. Due to the incidence of coronavirus infection in Turkey and around the world, tourists see many obstacles and fears about flights and direct rest on the coast.
It is worth noting that the target audience of tourists - it's married couples with children, and due to infection, you should follow strict rules. During the entire stay at the airport and in the aircraft do not remove the mask of individual protection, be sure to pass the test for COVID-19. It is almost impossible to follow all the rules with children, especially small ones.

Who will be the first to come to rest

Firuz Baglyka assumes that the first tourists will go to Turkey by land, hence it is Georgia, Iran, the Middle East, and later Russia, Ukraine and other countries will join. Thus, the opening of the season will take place on June 15, 2020, and negotiations on charter flights to Russia and Ukraine are still underway. Most likely only next season will fully resume the tourist area, flights and absolutely safe rest on the Mediterranean coast.
These are just assumptions and statistics, and how the tourist season and excursions in Turkey in 2020 will be known very soon