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Weather Side, Manavgat/Antalya, Turkey

Side Turkey weather
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Anyone who is going on vacation carefully studies information about the region in which is going to relax. The weather and climate of the area are especially important in the choice of the region. Our company would like to introduce you to the Turkish resort region - Side, which is located on the southwest coast of the Mediterranean Sea and tell more about the weather in Side

The difference of this region from another, is that there are almost no mountains, and the nearest mountain range is 20 km. from the resort side. This area of the Antalya coast is dominated by a hot dry climate in the summer, but with a cool mild winter. There is no strong humidity, and the air is dry, because in the area there are almost no mountains and the hills do not hold moisture. We recommend stocking up not only with sunscreen, but also with moisturizers for your skin. In summer, the maximum temperature sometimes rises to 45 degrees, in winter does not fall below the mark of 10. Let's take a closer look at what are the most comfortable months to relax.

Side Turkey - weather by month

Side Turkey weather in April

April - the air temperature during the day is 21, at night- drops to 10 degrees. Do not advise this month for holidays with children, the sea is not fully warmed and there can be cold winds. In April, it is worth visiting the historical excursions, which are long distances. You will not be hot on the road and you will have a great time comfortably resting even in the area where there are no shady thickets, and gentle rays of the sun. The peculiarity of the April holiday is that during this period there can be cool winds and swim in the sea is still early.

Side Turkey weather in May

May - in the afternoon the temperature rises to 24 degrees, at night will drop to 13 degrees. It will be relatively hot during the day, and the water is still cool, there are rains. It's better to go after 20 numbers with kids. In May it is worth visiting educational tours and see various attractions that are long distances, as you will feel comfortable.

Side Turkey weather in June

June - in the summer in Sid the temperature is 29 degrees, and at night up to 17 degrees. With the beginning of warm summer here is set a comfortable temperature, but there is still no debilitating hot heat, as in the last months of the summer season. In June, it is worth visiting excursions to the dolphinarium, water parks, as well as various walks in the wooded area. To find out which tours to go in June, read more about our article.

Side Turkey weather in July

July - the weather this month in the daytime is consistently hot and at night quite warm, columns of thermometers will show from 27 to 39 degrees at noon. At the end of the month there is a steady heat wave with maximum indicators. Rainfall is virtually ruled out. In July, we recommend to visit tours of the resort regions or relax where there are a lot of forests and shady terrain - in the Toros Mountains or waterfalls. In July, too, you can go on excursions, and on what exactly - find out in our article.

Side Turkey weather in August

August is the hottest month in our region, the temperature in the daytime can hold from 30 to 40 degrees, at night it is 26 to 28 degrees. There is no rain and coolness, the air is dry and dry. On these hot days, go on excursions where you can cool off, for example: sea walks on yachts, water parks or scuba diving, where you will be comfortable and you will have an unforgettable time. Read more about what excursions in Side to visit in August - read here.

Side Turkey weather in September

September - average daily and night temperature rates of 29 and 23 degrees. The exhausting summer heat is slowly giving way to comfortable and soft warmth. The perfect month for relaxing with young children, swimming and visiting tours to caves, paragliding flights, canyons. In September, you can visit a lot of excursions, details can be found in our article.

Side Turkey weather in October

October is a great option for people who love a calm and measured rest. In October, we recommend visiting aquariums, picnics and fishing. You can also easily go on historic tours that were not quite comfortable to visit in the summer season. Read more about what tours to visit in October - read here.

Side Turkey weather in November

November is the last holiday month in Turkey. The temperature in the daytime is 21 degrees, and at night 17 degrees. We advise to you visit excursions with flights, for example: pilgrimage tours to the holy land, tours and educational tours,Turkish baths.

Sea temperature in Side Turkey by month

Many guests are interested not only in the weather, but also in the temperature of the sea water, because these indicators also fluctuate throughout the year. The peculiarity of our region is that at the end of the season here is 2-3 degrees higher than in Alanya and other regions of Turkey. The location of the city is such that it is surrounded by the bay, and the territory itself is, at the same time the peninsula which keeps warm water does not allow it to cool down.

  • The water temperature in Side in April is 20 degrees, the water is not warmed, we do not recommend this month for holidays with children;
  • The water temperature in May is 23 degrees, the water begins to warm up, but relatively cold, after 20 numbers warmer.
  • The water temperature in June is 28 degrees, the optimal month and the water temperature, warm, but not too hot.
  • The water temperature in Side in July is 28 degrees, the water is warm, it is the hottest month. Excellent temperature for bathing children.
  • The water temperature in August is 29 degrees. The water is completely warmed up, the temperature is comfortable even for the smallest tourists.
  • The water temperature in Side in September - the water in the sea from 24 to 27 degrees. This is the most ideal month for a holiday, not too hot and the sea is refreshing. It rarely rains, but it's even a plus.
  • Water temperature in October - this month the water temperature is about 23 degrees, for tourists who like moderately cool water, which can cool down. But for children, water can sometimes be cold.
  • The water temperature in November is cool water 21-22 degrees, and cold winds begin to appear. The sea is cool, we do not recommend swimming, but to see the picturesque scenery and visit a lot of excursions strongly recommended. Review and religious tours, Turkish baths are perfect in this weather.