The best areas of Side

The best areas of Side allow every avid traveler to find a vacation to their liking

The best areas of Side
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The best areas of Side will allow every tourist to find a type of vacation that is comfortable for themselves. Side is a very popular resort town, each area of ​​which has unique characteristics that allow any traveler to choose their priority destinations for entertainment.

The best neighborhoods of Side: what neighborhoods are there in the city

Fans of active nightlife often choose areas of the city such as Kumkoy, as this is where countless bars, nightclubs and cafes are located, where you can find the most active nightlife in the city after sunset.

Fans of a measured beach holiday and the azure sea are recommended to settle in the Kyzylagach area. Its picturesque seascapes will make the rest as calm as possible, and the gentle entrance to the water and beautiful sandy beaches are ideal for the leisure of young children.

The Kyzylot area will be an excellent choice for travelers who do not want to face an abundance of tourists. It is located far from the center, and its beaches are often pebbly, which discourages tourists with children.

The best areas of Side also include Manavgat, which will surely delight lovers of outdoor activities and historical travel. It is from here that many tours to the most iconic places of the city start, for example trip to Green Canyon.