The continuation of the list of 10 facts about Turkey

The continuation of the list of 10 facts about Turkey
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And here's the promised about the continuation of the list of 10 facts about Turkey! Let's go:
4 - The Most Smoking Nation. Turks can be called the most smoking nation, here smoke almost all men despite the warnings of the Ministry of Health. Only fines can stop them, so almost every step of the ban hangs fines for smoking, so that they have an incentive to quickly get rid of this bad habit.
5 - Parikhmacher Special men's wigs, after a visit of which men seem to have visited a number of spa - treatments. It's a haircut, a fire-shooing and a beard haircut! Here are only 3 types of wigsmacher: men, where only men work and cut only men; women, where only women work and serve only women. And for the guests of the city open wigsmacher-unisex, where men and women are cut.
6 - Translation difficulties! Imagine the situation: you do not know the words in Turkish, and the Turk himself does not speak any of the languages known to you, but at the same time he needs to explain something to you or sell, so the Turk will not confuse the fact of misunderstanding and he will easily tell his native language and most importantly - he will not only achieve his goal, but also do it so that you will understand everything. In the process will be used: charm, international gestures and an infinite number of smiles, and the language barrier - will not become a problem.