The Dark Church of Cappadocia

The Dark Church of Cappadocia
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The Dark Church of Cappadocia is Turkey's main exhibit and attraction. She's in Gorem. Interesting fact: this church is located in an open-air museum at the monastery and it is only one window of small size, in which the light can pass. That is why all the frescoes that are in it have retained their original color.
The church has images of 8 people, it was on their donations it was built. Very interestingly decorated vestibule - so called a small annex near the temple, it depicts Mary and Jesus and various scenes from their lives. We would like to note that there are also scenes from the Old Testament. All the paints were applied in an unusual way on the wet plaster, so it is impossible to take your eyes off.
Everyone who attended the Dark Church was shocked at how bright the images were inside, as if the images had recently been painted on the walls. Attractions such as this church are a real gold in the history of Turkey.