The map of the Antique Side

The map of the Antique Side
Side Tours

A stunning resort town in Turkey, with wide sandy beaches, the purest sea and centuries of history.
The main attraction is the Antique city of Side, in fact it is an open-air museum, so the entrance is free and round-the-clock. With the exception of the Amphitheatre, ticket price is 30 lira, and the Side Museum, the price is 18 lira.
Before traveling to this place, we recommend downloading the map of the Antique Side on your phone, so it will be easier for tourists to navigate the terrain.
The first thing that holidaymakers meet on their way - it's the city walls, which are about 6 km long, and in width reach 10 tee meters. The Temple of Apollo and Athena - was built in the 2nd century BC, made of marble and with antique columns that have survived to this day. The amphitheatre was also built in the 2nd century BC and accommodated 17,000 spectators. Gladiatorfights and performances were held here. The scale of the Amphitheatre is mesmerizing. It's really worthy of your attention!
Our Russian-speaking tour guide is happy to tell you the amazing stories of this city, and a comfortable transfer will take tourists not only from the city of Side, but from the nearest villages too.