The yacht rental service in Turkey with the captain 2020

The yacht rental service in Turkey with the captain 2020
Side Tours

For sophisticated tourists who are tired of the usual rest and want something unusual, you will like a walk aboard a snow-white yacht. We present a large selection of boats for walking, designed for different numbers of people and on any budget. Most often tourists use the yacht rental service in Turkey with the captain.
On board the boat you can:

  • To celebrate a birthday or anniversary,
  • To hold a bachelor party or a bachelorette party,
  • To organize a wedding ceremony,
  • Make a romantic dinner,
  • To offer the hand and heart of your soul to your soul mate.

The price of the tour includes transfers to the boat and back, insurance, a walk on the sea from 4 hours or more, lunch or dinner, soft drinks. For fishing enthusiasts, we are happy to provide fishing rods, spinning and bait, and the captain with the help of a sonar will choose the largest cluster of fish. After a successful catch, you can cook a delicious lunch on the grill.

Types for a walk on a boat

The most popular routes during the yacht ride are the antique Side from the sea, a walk to the confluence of the Manavgat River and the sea, as well as a cruise along the coast of Alanya. Alanya attracts tourists so much, because you can visit the old shipyard, Cleopatra beach, as well as many caves. The most popular are the cave of pirates, where many centuries ago pirates hid treasures, as well as a cave of lovers. According to the beliefs, lovers who jump from 7 meters high in the water, holding hands, waiting for a strong true love. Also, the cave has a long 75-meter through grotto, which attracts all diving enthusiasts. And what picturesque pictures can be taken during the walk just can not convey in words.
Tip: to go on a sea voyage is necessary with a minimum tan, so as not to get sunburn. So prepare your body in advance for taking a solar van.
Do not deny yourself the pleasure, because the vacation happens once a year, choose a variety of tours, and we will help you with the organization.