What to bring from Turkey as a gift

What to bring from Turkey as a gift
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While on vacation, each of us wants to bring to his homeland, his family and friends a piece of the land on which he visited! This is how we express our love, interpreting this desire as sharing what made me happy, so let you be happy! And if we bring some trifle, statues, magnets, then bumping into them at home during cleaning or other actions, we recall these bright days of vacation and we are overwhelmed with positive, happy emotions! Turkey is no exception! Be sure to share a piece of this new country with loved ones and people dear to your heart!
Here are some ideas of what is best to bring:

  • - Spices. Turkey simply specializes in spices. You can buy them as a weight and packaged. The aroma from them is simply excellent, and the dishes cooked with the right spices just fingers lick!
  • - Sweets! Highest praise: lukumu, baklava and pishman. Tasty, natural, win-win version of the gift!
  • - Olive oil! Here it is of excellent quality, on a par with the value of Greek and Spanish. Any dish will be doubly tasty!