What to do in Side during the lockdown period

What to do in Side during the lockdown period
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What to do with tourists in Side during the lockdown period 2021. Hotel guides tell that it is impossible to go with street agencies, as they do not have the appropriate permits and permits and eventually tourists will be waiting for a fine and problems with the insurance company. Experienced travelers do not succumb to such provocations, but beginners often believe in such tricks and order excursions to hotels very expensive.

To dispel your doubts we will tell an interesting fact. Any street agency licensed by TURSAB will not take risks and conduct excursions during the lockdown period without additional permission from the state. Otherwise, it will face a large fine and the deprivation of the license to conduct tourism activities, and this is a huge risk, which will not go to any sane company.

So, with the permissions sorted out, back to the main question. What to do in Sid during the lockdown? According to the restrictions during the lockdown, there are almost no prohibitions for tourists and all museums, national parks, canyons are open to the public, but for travel agents you need to get additional permission to conduct each tour. In this regard, there were a number of difficulties, because of which the list of offers of excursions decreased. Today we can offer you the following:

Follow our news, every day there are additional permits and new tours become available. So don't be discouraged if your holiday has fallen for this period. We will definitely tell you what to do in Sid during the lockdown period.