What to take for rafting in Turkey

What to take for rafting in Turkey
Side Tours

All fans of extreme sports recommend a tour of rafting in Side. It takes place in Kevruchai National Park on the Keperulu River. The level of difficulty is low, so children from 4 years old are allowed to raft. The canyon is very popular not only with tourists, but also locals who often come here for a picnic.
What to take for rafting in Turkey? This question is asked by many tourists.
So let's start on the points:

  • Floats or swimsuits, towels
  • It is necessary to change dry clothes, as many dress under the vest T-shirt, so as not to rub
  • Shoes that sit tightly on the leg, as during the alloy flip flops or sandals will lose during the first threshold
  • Sunscreen for/tanning.

That's basically the whole list of what to take on rafting in Turkey. Also during rafting you will find a bungee for an additional fee and a delicious lunch in a restaurant on the river. Forward to adventure.