Pamukkale two days tour from Side

Pamukkale two days tour from Side - Pamukkale ("Cotton Fortress") is one of the most beautiful wonders of the world, consisting of cascading terraces (travertine) with pools of bicarbonate. If you believe legends, after bathing in travertine, you will be rejuvenated for at least ten years.

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Pamukkale two days tour from Side Content of the trip

Detailed information:

One of the most beautiful wonders of the world, Pamukkale("Cotton Fortress"), consists of cascaded terraces (travertine) with calcium bicarbonate pools formed during underground volcanic activity.
Pamukkale two days tour from Side - is an opportunity to get acquainted with the beauty of the terraces that look like large ice or snow blocks. These are special natural baths, as the local travertine are filled with mineral water with unique properties. If you believe legends, after bathing in travertine, you will be rejuvenated for at least ten years... The whole complex was declared in 1988 as a part of UNESCO's world natural and cultural heritage.

The Pamukkale complex can be divided into five parts:

  • The first part consists white terraces - travertine with pools. Pamukkale terraces, are rightly recognized as a true geological wonder. The plateau that rises above the river is generously covered with travertine, which resembles bowls, shells and lilies. Here travelers can bath in them and enjoy the incredible scenery.
  • The second part is "Cleopatra Pool", with a seawater temperature of 35 °C. According to legend, in this artificial pool filled with warm mineral water, Cleopatra was often swim.
  • The third is Hierapolis - archaeological site from the ancient Roman period, built by the Persian king Eumenes in the second century BC. Particularly noteworthy are the temple of Apollo and Pluto, the fountain house, the city walls and the Roman theater, the basilica, the kilometer street with majestic columns, the tomb of Flavius ​​Zeuxis and the necropolis. Most of the facilities are well-preserved.
  • The fourth part is a small museum with objects found at the site and its surroundings.
  • The fifth part is a Necropolis - a large ancient Hierapolis cemetery is one of the best preserved ancient cemeteries in Anatolia.

Pamukkale two days tour from Side will cost you quite cheaply, especially since it is an interesting opportunity to get acquainted with local attractions and touch the antiquities. In addition to visit of the Pamukkale, participants of the tour will visit the cotton factory, one of the oldest wineries(with free wine tasting), and Onyx - precious stone processing plant.

Therefore, to buy a ticket for Pamukkale two days tour from Side is a profitable and rational decision for every modern tourist. You can also book Pamukkale trip from Side 1 day,  which has a similar program.

It's not necessary to waste time on holiday in vain; our professional English-speaking guides conduct fascinating excursions in these locations. And just imagine, the beginning of the Pamukkale two days tour from Side takes place immediately after you get on the bus and go to Pamukkale and Hierapolis.

The tour by bus, with a stop at night in the hotel, is absolutely safe, because all necessary security measures are observed. Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, all rooms are regularly disinfected in hotels, as many disposable items as possible, thermal imaging cameras are installed, which can immediately detect a person with a high temperature.

Pamukkale two days tour from Side from city districts

2-day Pamukkale from Sorgun

2-day Pamukkale from Sorgun - is a rich two-day tour, you will have the chance to see the famous white terraces of Pamukkale, reminiscent of a magical "Cotton Castle". Just as the group can see this incredible beauty with their own eyes, they will also be acquainted with the history of ancient Hierapolis.

2-day Pamukkale From Kumköy

2-day Pamukkale From Kumköy - is carried out in a calm and measured rhythm, and this allows you to gradually get acquainted with the famous mineral resources of Pamukkale, the unique iconic icon of Turkey. Nature has shaped these white waterfalls for hundreds of years, and next to it is the ancient city of Hierapolis.

2-Day Pamukkale From Titreyengöl

2-Day Pamukkale From Titreyengöl - includes a visit to the famous hot springs and the unique pool of Cleopatra, where, according to historians, she painted the extraordinary beauty of the Egyptian queen of her own volition. The group will be introduced to the cultural traditions of the region at weaving and wineries and at karahayit Hot Springs.

2-Day Pamukkale From Manavgat

2-Day Pamukkale From Manavgat - journey to one of the most famous wonders of the world-Snow White mineral springs formed for hundreds of years without human intervention. The water temperature here is always at least 35 degrees, and Cleopatra's pool, according to legend, has unique anti-aging properties.

2-Day Pamukkale From Kızılağaç

2-Day Pamukkale From Kızılağaç - will appeal to those who love a calm and measured rest and those who want to recognize the unique cascading travertines of Pamukkale by recognizing the nature of Turkey. This National park was created thousands of years ago, and the mineral waters here have incredible healing properties.

Pamukkale For Two Days From Kyzylot

Pamukkale For Two Days From Kyzylot - time to visit each attraction in one day is different from the type, and the richness of the program, Pamukkale and Hierapolis, as well as get to know the secrets of winemaking as well as traditional weaving and red karahait includes a visit to the Hot Springs.

2-Day Pamukkale From Evrenseki

2-Day Pamukkale From Evrenseki - includes a slow and intense walk along terraces filled with Snow White waterfalls and mineral water. English-speaking guides will inform you about the history of ancient Hierapolis, not far from the springs, and also tell you about its unique weaving traditions.

Two-Day Pamukkale From Çolaklı

Two-Day Pamukkale From Çolaklı - has a quieter excursion rhythm than a one-day tour, and therefore will be a suitable tour option for those who want to get to know the picturesque snow white terraces from the mineral springs, which are the most important attraction of Turkey. The Program also includes optional swimming in Cleopatra's pool.

Pamukkale two days tour from Side price list

 1 Adult 75
 1 Children (4-7) 38
 1 Infants (0-3) Free

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Pamukkale two days tour from Side excursion program

First day

  • Pamukkale two days tour from Side will begin from transfer of tourists from the hotel

  • Rest overlooking the natural landscapes of Denizli

  • Breakfast in a cozy restaurant (you can also take a lunch box from the hotel)

  • Visit to an authentic shop of local textiles and cotton

  • Lunch in a cozy restaurant

  • Arrival at the hotel near Pamukkale, check-in to the room

  • Departure of participants on paragliding - optional

  • Excursion to the national park Pamukkale “Cotton Castle”, a walk along the snow-white terraces with a guide

  • Swimming in the Cleopatra pool - optional

  • Tour of the ancient city Hierapolis, amphitheater, necropolis of the “City of the Dead”, ancient ruins and buildings

  • Return to the hotel and dinner

Second day

  • Breakfast, hot drinks including (tea, coffee)

  • Fly on hot air balloon in Pamukkale - optional

  • Excursion to the hot red springs of Karkhait - optional

  • Visit to a colorful wine factory with natural wine free tasting

  • Souvenir shop of stones of Anatolia, the opportunity to buy onyx souvenirs

  • Lunch at a Turkish national restaurant

  • Way back and return to Side hotels

What every guest should know

  • Tour days: Wednesday

  • Tour hours: 06:00 - 19:00

  • Includes: transfer, insurance, English-speaking guides, room in hotel, breakfast in hotel (tea, coffee), dinner in hotel

  • Excludes: first day breakfast, lunches, drinks, tickets to the Cleopatra pool, tickets to Pamukkale and Hierapolis, tickets to Karkhait springs, single room in hotel

  • Recommended: comfortable shoes, swimwear, towels, sunglasses and cream, water, lunch box from the hotel (breakfast to go).

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