Fishing in Side Turkey

Fishing in Side is not just catching small fish in a pond, but also a real opportunity to enjoy the charms of fishing in the Mediterranean Sea. This trip leaves all enthusiasts in a very pleasant mood.

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Fishing in Side Turkey Content of the trip

Sea fishing in Side Turkey begins with the collection of participants from the group of hotels. You will leave from the pier of the river Manavgat in the early morning. The first stop occurs in half an hour or forty minutes, it means beginning of this exciting journey.

Why buy a guided tour fishing in Side?

  • Tourists positively talk about this fishing in Side kind of experience in warm waters, confirming their recommendations with colourful photographs.
  • The distance from hotels to the place where this exciting journey fishing in Side begins, will be overcome by a comfortable transport, so you can enjoy plenty of rest.
  • As a rule, ordering this exciting tour means going on a speedboat or yacht to the Mediterranean Sea.

This journey begins with a collection of members of the group of hotels. You will leave from the pier of the river Manavgat in the early morning.

Some believe that the cost of such a holiday and filling the program is unjustified, but Sea fishing in Side Turkey will be fun and relaxing tour for amateurs as well as professionals. In the Mediterranean there is the most different fish, on one site in water pecks from 30 to 50 minutes. The numbest of fishes can reach several hundred or even thousands of individuals, so lovers of this kind of trip will be pleasantly surprised!

The boat will change its position several times. This particularly refers to the fact that the time for stopping in one place is limited. At 11 o'clock you can have lunch. Tourists are offered salads, chicken and pasta, here you can prepare your catch and enjoy in their taste and cuisine. At one o'clock in the afternoon the yacht arrives at the port, and the tourist group goes back to the hotels.

At the time of the Sea fishing trip Side Turkey you need to have with you the means to pay for additional expenses, cream and sun glasses, a hat, swimming trunks or a swimsuit, a personal towel. Be sure to bring your camera to record the result of your trip and praise yourself in the future in front of your friends. Also recommend taking a change of dry clothes.

Also, Manavgat river cruise and Waterfall won the hearts of many natures and sea lovers.

Included in price: Transfer from the hotel, insurance, renting equipment and accessories, lunch.

Additional charges: Drinks.

The sea and sun are the best antiseptics in the fight against COVID-19, however, the rules should be adhered to, the yacht is filled in such a way that it is possible to keep a distance of 1.5 meters, the crew of the ship regularly undergoes medical inspections, and the ship is equipped with sanitizers and after each group of tourists is disinfected. 

Fishing in Side Turkey from city districts

Sea Fishing From Sorgun

Sea Fishing From Sorgun - is a great opportunity to experience new emotions and hunt the rare exotic fish that abound in the Mediterranean. In the places where the most bites are seen, the hunt begins early in the morning , so that everyone can catch fish, as well as domestic and foreign tourists have a chance to enjoy freshly prepared prey.

Sea Fishing From Kumköy

Sea Fishing From Kumköy - is conducted in small groups and begins in the early morning, when the daily mobility of fish in the sea is the most intense. An experienced captain-fisherman with great experience knows exactly the best places for fishing, and therefore the guests of the trip rarely stay without catching fish , they can also taste the fish he has caught on the boat.

Sea Fishing From Titreyengöl

Sea Fishing From Titreyengöl - will bring pleasure to real fishing experts and will be an excellent entertainment on a sunny holiday in Turkey. The group will go fishing early in the morning, the yacht has state-of-the-art equipment, including spinning rods and trolls, and so no one will be left without catching their prey.

Sea Fishing From Manavgat

Sea Fishing From Manavgat - is slightly different from normal freshwater fishing because fish in the Mediterranean Sea are much larger and more diverse than those in Rivers. Fishing is done from a yacht on the open sea, the captain knows the best "fish" locations, and then cooks the fish on a grill just on the deck of the boat.

Fishing From Kızılağaç

Fishing From Kızılağaç - will appeal to both experienced fish lovers and beginners who dream of trying their hand at this exciting adventure. An experienced captain will provide all the necessary assistance when working with the fishing gear, show the best fishing spots and prepare the fish caught on the grill.

Sea Fishing From Kizilot

Sea Fishing From Kizilot - is carried out with a small group and therefore as close as possible to an individual tour. At dawn, a group of hunters will set off for the open Mediterranean, where fish activity in the water is highest. The yacht is equipped with modern equipment such as Echo probe and professional trawler.

Fishing From Evrenseki

Fishing From Evrenseki - is conducted in the open waters of the Mediterranean Sea .. The captain will take the boat to places where the fish migrate en masse, help you choose the right tactics and equipment, and also prepare you a delicious lunch from a newly caught catch.

Professional Sea Fishing From Çolaklı

Professional Sea Fishing From Çolaklı - is managed by an experienced captain with many years of fishing experience, who knows all the secrets of sea fishing. In addition to the exciting sea fish catch, tourists will have the opportunity to snorkel and snorkel in the open sea, as well as enjoy the fish they have prepared on the boat.

Fishing in Side Turkey price list

 1 Passenger 25
 1 Adult 35

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Fishing in Side Turkey excursion program

  • Free transfer from hotels.

  • Departure from the pier of the river Manavgat

  • The first stop after 30 min to start fishing.

  • In the process of fishing the yacht can change places depending on the bite.

  • Lunch, the menu of which includes salad, pasta, chicken, and you can also cook caught fish (lunch extra, may be cancel if not enough people).

  • Arrival of the yacht in the port of Manavgat.

  • Free transfer back to hotel.

What every guest should know

  • Tour days: every day

  • Tour hours: 07:00 — 12:00

  • Includes: transfer, insurance, equipment

  • Excludes: drinks

  • Recommended: light clothes, hats, sunglasses and sunblock cream, swimsuit, towel

Fishing in Side Turkey video

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