Side boat tour

Side boat tour pirate ship in Turkey has gained great popularity among visitors who are stopping in this region. You will have interesting activities during the all day on a comfortable yacht, which will provide you with an unforgettable and unique experience at an affordable price.

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Side boat tour Content of the trip

Side boat tour Turkey (All inc) on a pirate ship, has firmly gained popularity among visitors who stop in this region. We recommend booking a guided tour to enjoy the scenic views and see a lot of the beauties of Turkish nature. You will have the opportunity to get quite a lot of interesting activities during the day, and of course, take a ride on a comfortable boat.

Manavgat Side pirate ship

The Manavgat Side pirate ship (All inc) on a pirate boat will appeal to every tourist. After all, it has a wide list of distinctive features. One of the distinguishing features is that tourists are offered to try local drinks - non-alcoholic. You can get an unforgettable and unique experience all day long at a relatively cheap price, swim in the sea and ride a comfortable yacht, and at the end of the day, your emotions will overwhelm you! The distance from Side to the point where your journey begins is insignificant.

What makes Boat tour in Side excursion different?

  • In the morning, tourists who take part in the excursion are taken from the hotels (at 9 am).
  • On the boat trip you go from the pier of the river Manavgat.
  • To start, a stop is made for swimming on the river Manavgat. As much as 45 minutes you can enjoy a unique place - the river delta, where Manavgat flows into the sea, and the salt water merges with fresh water.
  • After that, on the yacht, you will have lunch included in the tour price. The local professional chef will prepare for you the freshest baked trout or chicken according to a special recipe, as well as pasta, salad, bread.
  • Then, when the group finishes lunch, it will be provided 30.min stop for rest and swimming.
  • Further you are expected by a cheerful foam party on the yacht and entertainment from animators.
  • In the picturesque bay called Karaburun, a stop will be made again. There you can swim in the azure water and sunbathe on board.
  • The yacht arrives at 16:00 on the pier Manavgat, from where the group travels back to the hotels.

See more information for Manavgat river cruise and Waterfall tour.

Included in the price Boat tour in Side (All inc): Transfer from the hotel and back, insurance, local cool drinks (non-alcoholic), lunch on the yacht.

Additional charges: Personal expenses.

In any case, the price of Side pirate Boat trip includes the whole journey, where the main place is occupied by nature in the vicinity of Side and the sea. When travelling, it is recommended to have light and comfortable shoes and clothes, socks, hats, glasses and special sun cream, swimming trunks or swimsuit, and a personal towel. Also, do not forget to grab a camera to capture the tour and remember your impressions for a long time. Departure is available on Tuesday and Saturday.

Because of The Covid-19 this season, all yachts will be filled with half of their passenger capacity. All boats will be disinfected after each flight.

Side boat tour from city districts

All-Inclusive Boat Tour From Sorgun

All-Inclusive Boat Tour From Sorgun - the bars will be open throughout the tour. With this option you will enjoy sunbathing and swimming in open waters.

All-Inclusive Boat Tour From Kumköy

All-Inclusive Boat Tour From Kumköy - We can call it the best sea activity, because during the day, open music and animations for children and adults will entertain you and you will be able to use the all-inclusive bar.

All-Inclusive Boat Tour From Titreyengöl

All-Inclusive Boat Tour From Titreyengöl - you will be a partner in this magnificent entertainment for a total of 5-6 hours at an affordable price. There are foam parties with music playing throughout the day and you are presented with animation shows.

All-Inclusive Boat Tour From Manavgat

All-Inclusive Boat Tour From Manavgat - with all inclusive pirate concept in the boat, you are accompanied by music, animation, lunch and drinks.

All-Inclusive Boat Tour From Kızılağaç

All-Inclusive Boat Tour From Kızılağaç - one of the most beautiful activities to be done here will be to participate in the all-inclusive boat tour. by causing this, we can show the variety of animation and activity. Here, you are entertained by foam parties accompanied by animations and dance music for your children.

All-Inclusive Boat Tour From Kızılot

All-Inclusive Boat Tour From Kızılot - you will spend your day at sea with an exquisite lunch accompanied by music, you will use the all inclusive bar open all day long.

All-Inclusive Boat Tour From Evrenseki

All-Inclusive Boat Tour From Evrenseki - you can enjoy swimming in open waters and sunbathe on the boat. While various animations get impressions for your children, you will be partnered with the foam party.

All-Inclusive Boat Tour From Çolaklı

All-Inclusive Boat Tour From Çolaklı - is one of the most popular types of activities to be held in çolaklı. Music plays throughout the day and the captain offers you an exquisite lunch. Swimming and sunbathing in the open waters is accompanied by music, and foam parties, animations for children and families are organized by the team on the boat.

Side boat tour price list

 1 Adult 25
 1 Children (7-12) 12
 1 Infants (0-6) Free

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Side boat tour excursion program

  • Transfer of guests from the hotel to the Side boat tour

  • Arrival at the Manavgat pier and boarding on boat

  • Departure of the boat from the port along the Manavgat River, picturesque landscapes of the coast - 1 hour

  • Swimming in the delta of the Manavgat River, where fresh water mixing with salty sea water

  • Lunch on the boat with national dishes

  • Continuation of the sea cruise and the exit of the yacht to the open Mediterranean Sea

  • Swimming in Turtle Bay: the opportunity to rest, snorkel, meet with the huge Caretta Caretta turtles

  • Excursion on boat along the ancient ruins of Side, ancient buildings, the temple of Apollo etc.

  • Animation program on the boat, dance-party, foam disco with animators

  • Return to the port of Manavgat and way back to hotels

What every guest should know

  • Tour days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

  • Tour hours: 09:30 — 16:00

  • Includes: transfer, insurance, English-speaking guide, lunch, unlimited soft drinks

  • Excludes: alcoholic drinks

  • Recommended: swimwear and towels, sunscreen, glasses, hats

Side boat tour video

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