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Tours in Side Turkey 2021

The best excursions in Side in 2021 from the direct organizer without extra charges are offered by the Side-Tours travel company. Interesting author's trip programs and a full range of services for a comfortable stay: car rental, transfer from the airport and back, ordering and booking air tickets at a bargain price without an intermediary.

Side daily tours 2021

Side tours

If you have come to Side town of Turkey, then we welcome you to Side, which is a wonder of culture and nature. We are at your service to make your holiday more fun and enjoyable with the Side daily tours we organize here. We can recommend some Side excursions you may like: For those who want to spend a day full of adrenaline and excitement; We offer the opportunity to explore the Taurus Mountains with Jeep safari or to have fun like crazy by passing dust, soil, mud and rivers using ATV or Buggy vehicles.

You can also do Rafting in Köprülü Canyon, which has a view of the mountains, water and sunlight, which people can say if they were here by looking at the photos. If you are on a family vacation with your children; It is impossible not to spend an enjoyable and pleasant time exploring the magic world of underwater with Antalya Aquarium, one of the largest Aquarium complexes in the world. Another option would be to take advantage of your day by participating in the event we organized at the biggest Aquapark of the Mediterranean Region, where you can experience joy, excitement and adventure together. We recommend you to spend a joyful day with your family and enjoy the holiday with your children by participating in the dolphin show or swimming with dolphins, where we organize cute, intelligent, playful and friendly dolphins. Do not be late to please your children

Excursions by Side-Tours

Excursions by Side Tours

For those who want to go out of Side and explore other places and see, you are one of the options of our Side tours with accommodation. Let us tell you about some of these tours before you examine them: We organize a 2 and 3-day excursion program to Cappadocia and Pamukkale Travertines from Side, which have cultural, historical and natural beauty and are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. On our Cappadocia tour, you will visit all of Ürgüp, Göreme, Avanos, Kaymaklı, Ihlara, Derinkuyu and Uçhisar regions.

You will visit and see all of the valleys, underground cities, churches, pottery workshops and wine cellars in these regions. On our Pamukkale tour, you will visit the travertines created by the thermal waters in the Büyük Menderes basin with the earthquake that took place 400 thousand years ago and you will love the visual feast here. Hierapolis Ancient City, which means "Holy City", is located in the immediate vicinity of Pamukkale, is included in our Pamukkale tour program and was one of the most beautiful ancient cities that our guests have seen with their comments. You will set out with our experienced guides special to these cultural and historical tours.

Things to do in Side

Things to do in Side

If you are curious about the Side region you are on holiday, want to explore things to do in Side and see historical values ​​and be informed, we organize tour programs for places to visit in city. There are city tours for Side, which is connected to Manavgat district of Antalya province, and tours to some historical places that we organize exclusively for that region. There will be many places where you can encounter different possibilities. Let us tell you about the places you can discover in Side in these tour programs: Side Antique City may be the closest witness to the history of the region. You will also visit the Temple of Apollo, named after the god of light, beauty and art, Apollo.

If you are interested in historical artifacts, you will witness historical artifacts dating back centuries in the visit to Side Museum. Seleuika Ancient City, which has ruins from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods, is also included in our city tour program.You will take a tour of the past with the Aspendos Theater, the most important structure of the ancient city, built in the 2nd century AD and a work of the Romans. Titreyengöl, nicknamed '' Legend '', which is almost a natural beauty, has an area of ​​exactly 3000 acres and you will be amazed by this lake. We can even call it the Legend of Titreyengöl. It is only a phone call away to visit these wonderful sites at the best price by choosing us!

Side Tours

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Side Bazaar

Side Bazaar is a very popular entertainment for both locals and visiting tourists who want to buy high-quality and inexpensive things, sweets or souvenirs.


Side Amusement Park

Side is a small resort town located on the Mediterranean coast. When planning your vacation here, be sure - you will not be bored!

side tours

In 2021, Antalya Side sightseeing places are at our service with the difference of the tour company Side Tours!

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The fact that there is no prepayment for Side trips and our Side excursions prices are affordable has made us the leading tour company in the Side region. In addition, high customer satisfaction rates, high level of service and quality are among the biggest advantages of Side-Tours. The fact that we take our guests from their hotels with VIP services without any additional charge keeps us one step ahead.

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As you know, our town consists of several regions. Our travel agency offers 24-hour service not only for the hotels in the center of Side but also for the regions. Our operators are ready to answer all your questions about tours via phone, whatsapp, viber or other communication tools. When you book a few tours, nice discounts await you. Side-Tours is ready with all of its staff to fulfill its duty so that your holiday is at the top level.

A few reasons for your participation in Side daily tours

We have collected the most amazing tour programs on our site with various ideas. Tours fall into several categories; historical and cultural trips, fun, exciting and adrenaline tours, boat tours and family tours. You can view the days, times, prices and tour schedule of the tour you want to participate on our website. We also organize private trips for individuals or families. If you want, you can rent a boat in Side or Manavgat region.

side tours

Our travel agency Side-Tours offers affordable prices for excursions. The priority for us is the best prices and high service quality. Prices shown on the site are valid throughout the year. Exciting Side tours are tailored to meet the needs of our guests, taking into account many years of experience and satisfaction rates. The programs contain information and entertainment components at the same time.

As Side-Tours travel agency, we organize more than 40 Side activites and offer our professional tour programs with the highest level of safety of the people, priority of customer satisfaction, health control in sports activities required, and the introduction of the place visited by expert guides in historical and cultural tour tours. We have made the condition of touring ourselves.

At the end of the trip, we are in contact with our customers and read their comments about the tour they have done, and if there is a problem that we did not fully satisfy or we did not fully satisfy, we share our mistake and train ourselves to do the right things. If we have customers with low satisfaction, we organize a special tour program for them on behalf of our travel agency. However, our customer satisfaction is generally very high and we get positive comments. If the positive comments we receive do not satisfy us 100%, as Side-Tours local travel agency we still strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

If our customers who participate in Side tours have enjoyed the excursion, have fun and participated in the historical and cultural touristic trip, we tell the history of the touristic place with the most accurate information with an expert guide. We provide a team that enjoys this job, puts itself in the customer's shoes and loves its job, so that even 1 second of our customers' time is not worthless.

side tours

Antalya, Manavgat Side ruins

Aspendos Bridge

Aspendos Bridge

TIt is a historical bridge that has been mentioned a lot in history. It was first built in the Roman period. It was later destroyed by earthquakes. In the 13th century, a new bridge was built by the Seljuks on the ruins of the old bridge. Between 1219 and 1236, it was the period when Antalya was important for the Seljuks. The bridge was rebuilt in Alaeddin Keykubat time to provide access to the coast. Stones belonging to the structures of the ancient city of Aspendos were also used in the construction of the bridge. The length of the historical Aspendos Bridge is 220 meters and its width varies between 3.5 meters and 6.5 meters. Arch spans are between 5 meters and 16 meters. The bridge is closed to vehicle traffic.

Manavgat waterfall

Manavgat waterfall

It is one of our country's most famous waterfalls. It is located on the Manavgat River. It creates a visual feast when the river waters fall from a cliff of 3-4 meters. The biggest source of the waterfall is the Dumanlı source. The flowing enthusiastic waters between the rocks reaching the waterfall. Manavgat Waterfall is located in Manavgat district of Antalya and is 3 kilometers from the district center, about 72 kilometers from Antalya city center and 8 kilometers from Side town.

Side Ancient City

Side Ancient City

Side Ancient City is built on a peninsula 350-400 meters wide in the coastal part of Manavgat District. BC VII. century became a settlement center. It is the most important port city of Pamphylia in ancient times. There are many ruins you can see in Side Ancient City. If we talk about a few of these remains; city walls, city gate, Nymphaeum, Ancient Theater, Agora Bath (Side Museum), Temple of Apollo, Temple of Athena and State Agora. There is also a village in Side Antique City. The name of the village is Selimiye village. It was founded by Cretan immigrants in the 1890s on the sea side of the ruins. Today, settlement continues in the city.

Side Museum

Side Museum is in the structure known as Agora bath. The bath was restored between 1959 and 1961 and was opened as a museum in 1962. In the garden of the museum, tomb inscriptions, inscriptions from the Seljuk Period, friezes from the Roman Period, sarcophagi, column bases and columns, mosaic pieces, busts and sculptures are exhibited. Glass works, coins, oil lamps, statuettes, jewelry, ornaments, sarcophagi and sculptures are exhibited in the covered halls of the museum. There are also exhibition halls in the museum. In the exhibition halls; There are weapon reliefs, a basalt column head from the Late Hittite Period and a very beautiful pool. There is also a Roman sundial in the middle of the pool. One of the most precious works of Side Museum is the Three Beauties Statue. M.S. It symbolizes beauty, elegance and fertility of the 2nd century. The three beauties of the statue, one of the gods of Greek Mythology, attract attention with their grace and power in the museum hall. The gods with whom the three beauties are identified are Hera, Aphrodite and Athena.

Side Museum

The Temple of Apollo

The Temple of Apollo takes its name from Apollo, one of the chief gods of the city of Side. They express the temple as the god of light, beauty and art. Because Apollo, one of the main gods of the city of Side, is the god of light, beauty and art. It was built during the Roman Peace. Its history dates back to 150 AD. However, the building was restored between 1982-1990. The construction of the temple is rectangular and has columns with Corinthian capitals. The reason for the restoration of the temple was that the city started to turn into a Christian city in the 3rd century AD and a part of the temple was dismantled to be used in the construction of a basilica.

The Temple of Apollo

Ancient theater

It is located in the center of Side Ancient City. It was built in the tradition of Roman architecture. This Ancient Theater in Side is one of the unique examples of Anatolia. Because the seats in the middle of the steps up to the road are leaning on a slope; the upper part is placed on a plane shaped inclined on the vaults.

Ancient theater

The stage has a three-story building. Antonine Period has ornaments with baroque characteristics. The façade of the stage building is quite striking with its architectural ornaments and sculptures.