Manavgat excursions and tours

Investigate closely the allure of Manavgat with captivating excursions and must-see attractions. Indulge in an array of unforgettable experiences and join in the vibrant culture of this enchanting destination. From breathtaking sightseeing adventures to engaging activities, there's no shortage of things to do in Manavgat. Let Side Tours be your guide to unlocking the hidden gems of Turkey's captivating landscapes.


Where is it located : Manavgat - is one of the largest cities in southern Turkey, is located in the southeast of Antalya, only 1 hour away. Is a fishery centre, as there is a picturesque full-flowing river rich with various river inhabitants. The city is famous for its restaurants that serve specialities from river fish. The settlement is located in the delta of the river Manavgat and is known for many amazing rapid waterfalls, and the city itself is surrounded by amazing gentle slopes of the Taurus Mountains.
Famous hotels : Throne Beach Resort & Spa 5 *, Horus Paradise Luxury Resort 5 *, Selge Beach Resort & Spa 5 *, Club Serena Beach Hotel 4 *, Club Sidelya Holiday Village 4 *, Ramada Resort Side 5 *, Bosphorus Sorgun Hotel 5 *, Iron Ambassador Hotel Side 5 *
Distance to Antalya center : from Manavgat 75 km
Distance to Antalya airport : from Manavgat 65 km
Distance to Gazipaşa airport : from Manavgat 102 km
Population : population of Manavgat 78,000 people
Famous beach : Manavgat public beach
Places to visit : Manavgat Waterfall, Manavgat River, Temple of Apollo, Side Historical Museum, Nympheum Fountain, Side promenade, Antique amphitheater best places to visit.
Shopping malls : Novamall Manavgat AVM Novoman, Manavgat Market, Farmers Center Kumkoy shopping mals
Market days : Manavgat bazar is on Thursday and Saturday

things to do in manavgat

Manavgat excursions and tours: Turkey is an unusual country in all, here passion, love and exotics are interwoven here. Manavgat is the highlight that every traveler needs to see with his own eyes. The resort is located near the waterfall, and on its territory there are many interesting sights. Traces of the first inhabitants date back to the 6th century of our era, so the history of this region impresses with its mystery. Excursions from Manavgat are the usual thing for the guests of the country. Passengers come from Antalya, Side, Alanya and other megalopolises located on the Mediterranean coast. You can buy tours from hotels in the region of Manavgat on our site. The peak of the area is the same name as the waterfall, which brings thousands of tourists each year. It is interesting because it is not a natural phenomenon, but it was built by human hands. Around the waterfall is a garden with exotic plants.

Things to do or tours in Manavgat can also be made by bus, jeeps, quads, or on boats. The vessel moves along the mouth of the river, and then goes to the open sea in the direction of Side. Sea tour is interesting because you can get acquainted with fish farms that are engaged in trout farming. The ship passes through the delta which separating the river and the sea. Tourists have the opportunity to swim in fresh water, and after a couple of minutes to plunge into the depths of the sea. Let's be honest, you need to go to Manavgat and see with your own eyes all the most interesting and fascinating things that are here. In no other country can you see such historical and cultural objects, oriental dances, dishes and drinks - the list is endless.

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