Buggy Safari in Side

Buggy Safari in Side combines adrenalin, beautiful scenery and the opportunity to explore Taurus mountain. Several stops on picturesque places will give you a possibility to enjoy on the panorama of the city of Side and make pictures as an unforgettable memory on exciting trip on Side Buggy Safari.

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Buggy Safari in Side Content of the trip

Buggy Safari in Side is quite popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Buggy is a type of transport that is similar to motorcycles or ATVs, but is more stable on a rough road.Buying this safari tours and enjoying an exciting journey - means personally meeting the mountain and wooded terrain, lakes and landscapes of Turkey, hidden from the eyes of an ordinary tourist. Use this unique opportunity to relax in the company of the same fans of extreme sports and activity like you.

Fill your pastime with new positive emotions, and your holiday in Side and Turkey will be remembered for a long time! The distance from Side, until the place where safari begins, is quite small. The program lasts about 4 hours. Sightseeing tour is conducted in two groups. There is a morning and there is a lunch group (the program’s filling and the cost do not change), which is taken from the hotel and delivered to the starting point.

Side buggy safari program:

  •  The instructor provides the tour participant with brief information about the program and the rules for driving a buggy.
  •  After the start of the trip, you can stop in order to take a photo or take a picture of the surroundings on the video (30 minutes)
  • The Total duration of the ride on the track-about two hours with several stops. You will be able to ride 20 kilometers of mountain off-road driving your own buggy.
  • At the end of the tour, the tourists go back to the hotels. Note that the route and the filling program for safari on buggy and quad bikes are similar, the participants travel together, but someone is on one type of transport, and someone is on another.

This tour is an opportunity to cheaply touch the colorful landscape of Turkey. Take a ride to the heights, look at the plantations of mandarins and oranges, olive trees and cedars. You can arrange the fireworks from the spray, passing through small rivers and picking up the level of speed. You will feel a surge of adrenaline when you rise up. At the top you can look down on the canyon and forest, enjoy the panorama of the city of Side and the surrounding area.

Included in the price: Transfer, instructor services, equipment.

Additional charges: Drinks, photos and video on the spot.

We invite you to try Side Quad Bikes Safari tour as new andventure.

Remember that everyone who has a minimum 17 years can drive a buggy. If you have not yet reached the specified age, you should be accompanied by parents or guardians during the trip.

For the Buggy Safari in Side, prepare a comfortable clothes and shoes, scarf, glasses and face cream for Sun protection, trunks or swimsuit, towel and money to pay additional services.

The buggy tour requires wearing a mask and glasses to keep dust out of the eye, as well as keeping a distance between cars in order to avoid accidents. And that's so by the way now. when everywhere and always it is necessary to take precautions because of The Covid-19.

Buggy Safari in Side from city districts

Buggy Safari in Side price list

 1 Passenger 10
 1 Adult 35

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Buggy Safari in Side excursion program

  • Transfer from the hotel

  • Arrival at the base

  • Training (20 minutes)

  • Test drive

  • Departure from the base

  • The first part of the tour (1 hour)

  • Stop on the river for 20 minutes 

  • The second part of the tour (1 hour)

  • Return to base

  • Transfer to hotel

What every guest should know

  • Tour days: every day

  • Tour hours: 09:00 — 18:00

  • Includes: transfer, insurance, English-speaking guide, equipment rental, training

  • Excludes: drinks

  • Recommended: water, comfortable shoes and clothes

Buggy Safari in Side video

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