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Buggy safari in Side Turkey is quite popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Booking a tour and going on an exciting trip means getting to know personally the mountainous and wooded areas, lakes and landscapes of Antalya Manavgat, hidden from the eyes of an ordinary tourist. A walk on a buggy provides for the mandatory wearing of a mask and glasses so that dust does not get into your eyes, as well as maintaining a distance between cars in order to avoid accidents. When you participate in this incredible activity, you are considered to have hire buggy vehicles and when driving with family, precautions must be taken.

Buggy Safari in Side extensive explanation

Buggy safari in Side is an inexpensive way to touch the colorful landscape of Turkey. Ride to the peaks, look at the plantations of tangerines and oranges, olive trees and cedars. You can arrange fireworks from splashes, driving through small rivers and gaining a level of speed. You will feel an adrenaline rush as you climb up. At the top, you can look down at the gorge and the forest, enjoy the panorama of the city of Side and the area nearby.

Buggy is

Buggy is a type of transport that is somewhat similar to motorcycles or quads, but is more stable on rough roads.

Use the unique opportunity to go on a buggy safari in Side and relax in the company of the same fans of extreme sports and activity as you are. Fill your pastime with new positive emotions, and your holiday in Side Turkey will be remembered for a long time! The distance from the city to the starting point of the tour is quite small. The program lasts approximately 4 hours.

Side buggy tour

The buggy safari tour in Side is conducted by two groups. There is a morning and a lunch group (the content of the program and the cost do not change), which is taken from the hotel and delivered to the starting point. You can choose any option convenient for your company.

Side buggy safari

  • A group of Side buggy safari tour is picked up directly from the hotel in a comfortable air-conditioned minibus and taken to the place where the base of the original frame cars is located.
  • A instructor in Turkey provides the participants of the tour with brief information about the program and the rules for driving buggys. You can take a test drive to test your skills and practice driving yourself.
  • After the start of the journey, you set off on an exciting mountain off-road tour along trails lost among the mighty Taurus Mountains.
  • During the trip, you will find small stops and photo breaks to admire the untouched pristine nature, take a photo or shoot panoramas of the surroundings on video.
  • In the middle of the journey, the group will stop on the shore of a picturesque mountain lake, where those who wish can swim in its cool waters and refresh themselves after an active ride in the mountains.
  • The total duration of the ride on the track is about two hours with several stops. You can ride 20 km of mountain off-road behind the wheel.
  • At the end of the buggy safari in Side, tourists go back to their hotels. Please note that the route and content of the program for a safari on buggies and quad bikes are similar, the participants ride together, but someone on one mode of transport, and someone on another.

What to wear on a buggy safari in Side

Prepare comfortable clothes and shoes, a scarf for the face, glasses and sunscreen, swimming trunks or a swimsuit, a towel, funds for paying for additional services. If you like outdoor activities and picturesque nature, we suggest you combine two tours in one and book a Buggy safari and Rafting tour in Side in one day!

Buggy Safari in Side price 2024

  1 Passenger 10£
  1 Adult 30£
Book the tour, pay on the trip

Buggy Safari in Side program

  • Transfer from the hotel

  • Arrival at the Side buggy tour base

  • Training (20 minutes)

  • Test drive

  • Departure from the base

  • The first part of the tour (1 hour)

  • Stop on the river for 20 minutes 

  • The second part of the tour (1 hour)

  • Return to base

  • Transfer to hotel

Buggy Safari in Side runs 2 times a day. When booking, please indicate which of these programs is better for you (morning or afternoon).

Age restrictions:

Driver: over 16 years old

Passenger: over 6 years old

You need to know

  • Tour days: every day
  • Tour hours: 09:00 — 18:00
  • Includes: transfer, insurance, guide, equipment rental, training
  • Excludes: drinks
  • Recommended: water, comfortable shoes and clothes

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