Cappadocia tour from Side 3 days

Cappadocia tour from Side to the "A land of unreal beauty", is one of the most beautiful landscapes of the world that will delight you at first look. Join us on this tour, and visit the place where the ancient Roman, Christian, Hellenistic and Islamic civilizations lived.

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Cappadocia tour from Side 3 days Content of the trip

Detailed information about Cappadocia tour from Side for 2 nights 3 days:


A three days Cappadocia tour from Side begins with the provision of general information about the area and an inspection of the Uchisar fortress. Next, the group members can see the Open Air Museum Goreme, which is considered to be the largest in Cappadocia. After this, you can explore the village of Chavushin, where there are many beautiful red rocks.

The group then travels to Avanos for lunch and an inspection of one of the old pottery workshops. The next stop is the Devrent and Pashabat valleys, which are considered the most popular. Further, the tour stops at the observation deck, tastes Turkish wines in the village of Urgyup. An additional option that can be cheaply ordered is a balloon flight.


The second day begins with the Goreme Park, then you can visit the ancient underground city Derenkuyu. Another location will be just a huge canyon in size called Ihlara. Here you walk along the river, have lunch at a local restaurant. The last stop will be the monastery complex and the panorama from the valley of the Pigeons.


The third day of the tour starts at breakfast at 9 am. The group meets at the hotel, travels to a Greek village called Mustafalasha. It was considered the largest settlement of the Greeks. Then you can see the beauty of the ancient monastery Keshlik. Then the group goes to the valley with the monastery complexes - Soanly.

According to the schedule after the temples lunch, tour group will go to the archaeological excavations in Sobesos. Another location will be the village of Ortahisar, as well as a visit to Khalach - a monastery that served as a hospital. Then you go back to the hotel or airport at the time of the flight.

Here you can see more information for Pamukkale from Side 1 day tour.

Included in the price: Hotel nights, dinners and breakfasts, the services of a qualified English-speaking guide, tickets to the museum, a comfortable transfer from the hotel and back on a luxury bus, so the distance from Side to Cappadocia will seem insignificant.

Due to the coronavirus, each hotel will strive to earn a certificate of healthy tourism, which confirms compliance with all necessary standards and sanitary safety. Our tourists will stay for the night only in such hotels.

Additional charges in excursion Cappadocia tour from Side 3 days : Tickets to Goreme, payment for a balloon flight, drinks. Also, the cost does not include the possible personal expenses of participants in the excursion trip

It is recommended to take comfortable clothing and walking shoes with you, money for personal expenses and a camera to be sure to capture the beauty of this magical place!

Cappadocia tour from Side 3 days from city districts

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3-Day Trip From Kızılağaç To Cappadocia

3-Day Trip From Kızılağaç To Cappadocia - differs from a two-day tour with much longer duration given to visit the unique attractions of the region. Tourists will take a leisurely stroll among the famous underground cities and churches carved into the rocks, while also being able to fly over views of the spectacular terrain in a huge hot air balloon.

3-Day Trip From Kizilot To Cappadocia

3-Day Trip From Kizilot To Cappadocia - includes numerous locations in each of the seven cities that make up this magnificent region. A professional guide will explain how the original Tuff columns and mushrooms formed, describe the first Christians and help organize exciting hot air balloon flights at dawn.

3-Day Trip To Cappadocia From Evrenseki

3-Day Trip To Cappadocia From Evrenseki - will inform local and foreign tourists about the unique history and beauty of ancient rock towns formed centuries ago. You will get the chance to see cave settlements built by the first Christians, breathtaking panoramic views of valleys and mountains, the old church and many similar monuments .

3 days Cappadocia tour from Çolaklı

3 days Cappadocia tour from Çolaklı - will help you appreciate the incredible scale of this region, whose beauty is unique all over the world. For many centuries, volcanic eruptions have created the famous "lunar landscapes" of Cappadocia, where the first Christian churches and huge cave cities seven stories high are located.

Cappadocia tour from Side 3 days price list

 1 Adult 100
 1 Children (4-7) 50
 1 Infants (0-3) Free

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Cappadocia tour from Side 3 days excursion program

First day

  • Cappadocia tour from Side 3 days starts from group transfer of tourists in comfortable modern buses

  • Start of the tour on road along the picturesque landscapes of the Taurus Mountains

  • Breakfast in a cozy restaurant (you can take your lunch box from your hotel)

  • Tour to Mevlana Museum in Konya

  • Lunch in Konya city restaurant with dishes of ethnic regional cuisine

  • Guided Sightseeing Tour to Underground City Saratli

  • Arrival at the hotel in Cappadocia and check-in

  • Dinner at the hotel restaurant (buffet)

  • Optional: Transfer to the dance show of dervish monks in Cappadocia

  • Optional: meet the sunset with a panorama of magical landscapes

Second day

  • Optional: Transfer to the Cappadocia Balloon Festival

  • Optional: fly in a hot air balloon or watch the amazing landscapes

  • Return to the hotel and breakfast in the restaurant (tea and coffee incl.)

  • Valley of the Monks (or Pashabag), where the best wineries of the region are located

  • Rock village Chavushin, walking and sightseeing tour

  • Excursion to Avanos - the main city of masters of carpet weaving and pottery

  • Pause in the workshop of souvenirs and ethnic pottery

  • Valley of Love - rest and photo pause

  • Göreme Open Air Museum Tour in Cappadocia

  • Uchisar Fortress - photo pause

  • Walking to the workshop where handmade masterpieces are made from silk leather

  • Return to the hotel

  • Dinner at the hotel restaurant

  • Optional: transfer to the bright show of national folklore “Night in Cappadocia”

Third day

  • Optional: Transfer to the Cappadocia Balloon Festival

  • Return to the hotel and breakfast in the restaurant (tea and coffee incl.)

  • Check-out from the hotel and continuation of the 3-days tour of Cappadocia

  • Pause at the panoramic view on the "Three Beauties" valley ("Uç Güzel")

  • Ortahisar Fortress - photo pause

  • Tour to the workshop of souvenirs made from natural stones of Anatolia

  • Pause at the panoramic view in the Valley of the Pigeons

  • Departure of the group in the direction of the resorts of Side

  • Time to rest in ancient caravanserai “Oresin Khan”

  • Lunch at the city restaurant of Konya with dishes of ethnic regional cuisine

  • Return to hotels

  • ATTENTION! The order of visiting places may change during the tour at the discretion of the accompanying guide

What every guest should know

  • Tour days: Tuesday, Friday

  • Tour hours: 06:00 - 19:30

  • Includes: transfer, insurance, English-speaking guides, hotel accommodation for 2 days, meals at the hotel (2 breakfasts and 2 dinners), ticket to the Mevlana Museum

  • Excludes: entrance tickets to attractions, lunches, tickets to the Turkish Night and Dervish Show, hot air balloon flight, transfer to the balloon parade without a flight, single accommodation in a room

  • Recommended: lunc-box from hotel, comfortable clothes and shoes, hats, change of clothes for 3 days, warm clothes

Cappadocia tour from Side 3 days video

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