Diving in Side Turkey

Side Scuba diving is one of the first things that you must try when you start your holiday in Side Turkey. This is a great opportunity to explore the first underwater museum in Europe and chance to discover the life in the Mediterranean sea that will impress you.

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Diving in Side Turkey Content of the trip

Side Scuba diving is rapidly gaining popularity among those who rest in Side. This is a great opportunity to discover the underwater life of the Mediterranean. Hundreds of unusual plants, mysterious sea creatures, some of which you can see even at arm's length!

Features of the excursion program:

  • Participants of Diving in Side tour, will be transported from hotels to the local port. The distance from Side to the place where you will scuba dive is relatively small, especially since you will immediately be awaited by the yacht at the pier.
  • Instructors provide detailed instructions, teach safety rules and how to communicate under water. Each participant is selected a full set of equipment individually.
  • You do not need special skills, so if you want (and if your age is over 14), the absence of diseases that can prevent it, feel free to try. It is interesting, relatively inexpensive, and most importantly-give a unique experience!
  • Scuba diving in Side takes place in the Side-Manavgat underwater museum. It is located at a depth of 9-25 m. There are more than a hundred exhibits, grouped in five categories. It is the only underwater museum not only in the country, but also in the whole Europe.

Amazing sculptures are created by a method that does not harm the marine inhabitants. The museum presents such themes as "Blooming garden", "Dervish", etc. Museum staff expect that in the future there will be a coral reef that will inhabit different sea animals.

The cost of the tour includes: Transfer, insurance, instructor services, equipment for swimming underwater, two dives at different depths (20 minutes each), lunch, rest on a yacht and swimming in the sea.

Additional charges: Drinks, photos. Also, your personal expenses are not included.
Who do not dive, the price is €20, includes transfers and lunch

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You will be informed about the rules and you will complete a full training program with a English-speaking instructor. Then you can try to dive to a depth of 5-12 m for 15-25 minutes. Group members are invited to dine on the yacht. Then – the time for the second dive of the same duration. The return time to the port is around 16-00, after which guests will be transferred to their hotels.

Prepare a swimsuit or swimming trunks and towels.

Long-awaited holiday in Turkey - freedom, imagination, travel! The only thing you remember about coronavirus is using protective masks, gloves and disinfectors during the entire holiday.

Diving in Side Turkey from city districts

Side Diving Tour From Sorgun

Side Diving Tour From Sorgun - Two dives to the underwater museum in side, with a total duration of 40-45 minutes. As well, you will relax on the boat, sunbathe and swim in the open waters.

Side Diving Tour From Kumköy

Side Diving Tour From Kumköy - underwater museum will be waiting for you. You will watch the creatures of the underwater world and discover different species.

Diving Tour From Titreyengöl

Diving Tour From Titreyengöl - with convenient and easy transportation from Titreyengöl region.

Manavgat Diving Tour

Manavgat Diving Tour - after the instructors inform you of the pre-dive Instructions, Your first dive begins with the team.

Diving Tour From Kızılağaç

Diving Tour From Alder - Since Kızılağaç is close to The Side area where diving will be performed as a location, you will not experience any difficulties in transportation, and after easy transportation, our diving tour begins after listening to the instructions and rules on the boat.

Diving Tour From Kızılot

Diving Tour From Kızılot - will give you the opportunity to observe the creatures of the underwater world while providing enjoyable and exciting minutes.

Diving Tour From Evrenseki

Diving Tour From Evrenseki - you will enjoy a boat tour and a diving tour in two different regions.

Diving Tour From Çolaklı

Diving Tour From Çolaklı - invites you to a unique program. In this program, you will make a boat tour, dive in two different regions and meet underwater creatures.

Diving in Side Turkey price list

 1 Passenger 20
 1 Adult 35

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Diving in Side Turkey excursion program

  • Diving in Side starts from transfer from hotels of region

  • Arrival at the port and accommodation of guests on a special yacht with the necessary equipment and wetsuits

  • Briefing and express training about rules of scuba diving from professional instructors

  • The first dive with an instructor in the "Blossoming Garden" exposition of the largest underwater museum in Europe

  • Lunch on boat and time to resting, swimming in the open sea, snorkeling - optional

  • Second dive with an instructor in the exposition "Sculptures of Dervishes"

  • Return boat to port

  • Way back to Side hotels

What every guest should know

  • Tour days: every day

  • Tour hours: 09:00 - 16:00

  • Includes: transfer, insurance, diving equipment rental, two dives with instructor, lunch

  • Excludes: drinks, professional underwater photo and video

  • Recommended: swimsuits and towels

Diving in Side Turkey video

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