Side to Salda lake and Pamukkale

Side to Salda lake and Pamukkale tour is an excellent excursion for those who dreamed of visiting the famous white cotton terraces and Salda crater lake similar to lakes on planet Mars. But know that going to Salda lake from Side in Turkey on their own is quite problematic and costly. We offer you to combine two attractions in one price: Pamukkale and the white sandy lake Salda, a full-fledged excursion from Side. In our article you can find out the distance between them, where it is, reviews, how to get there and much more.

Side to Salda lake and Pamukkale extensive explanation

Side to Salda lake and Pamukkale tour this is your chance to visit a unique beach with the purest white sand without leaving Turkey. If you have not been to Pamukkale, then – you have not seen the country. You can look at the miracle of nature, which has no analogues in the world, swim in the unique pool with thermal healing waters and visit the ancient city in one day, going on an excursion. It is also important that the tour does not involve tedious shopping and the program includesonly attractions.

The first stop on the journey will be the famous snow-white travertines of Pamukkale National Park. From Turkish, Pamukkale translates as — "cotton castle" or "cotton fortress". After a strong earthquake about four hundred thousand years ago, a rift formed in the earth's crust and hot waters poured out of it, enriched with a variety of substances and minerals. The calcium prevailing in the mineral water, when the water evaporated, settled and layered on the mountain surface, forming unusual formations resembling snowdrifts or walls of a fortress. They are located in the form of huge steps – terraces, which are called travertines.

It is definitely worth visiting the Cleopatra pool during the excursions from Side to Salda Lake and Pamukkale. It is so called due to the unique water, which not only rejuvenates, but also helps to treat diseases of the skin and the musculoskeletal system. The water is very rich in minerals, it can be taken orally to cleanse the intestines. If you want to feel the effect of hydromassage from small mineral bubbles, then you need to stand under small waterfalls.

The sacred city of Hierapolis, through which the excursion route of the Salda Lake and Pamukkale tour from Side runs, has preserved many ancient monuments. In the Roman era, it became famous as a balneological resort and flourished under the Roman emperors. But it was destroyed many times by earthquakes and rebuilt.

At different times, it was conquered by either the Seljuk Turks or the Ottomans, introducing their own historical and cultural changes into the development of the city. Here you will visit the ancient ancient amphitheater of Hierapolis, which has been perfectly preserved to this day. The majestic building accommodated up to 15 thousand spectators and had incredible acoustics, so powerful that the voice from the stage was heard even in the last rows.

Side lake Salda distance

The distance from Side to Salda Lake is 231 km. Drive 3 hours 14 minutes

Salda Lake where it is

Salda Lake is located in the city of Burdur, 128 km northwest of Antalya, at the foot of the Taurus Mountains.

Salda lake from Side

Not far from the cascades with thermal water is Lake Salda – another splendor created by nature. The purest azure water and white shores of the lake gave reason to call it "Turkish Maldives". This is the deepest freshwater lake in Turkey. But not only swimming in the lake can bring indescribable pleasure. On the shore there is therapeutic clay, saturated with hydromagnesite and many other minerals, which has a beneficial effect on joints and skin. The pristine nature surrounding the lake is striking in its beauty and majesty. More than 100 species of birds live here, and the flora is represented by more than 300 plant species.

Throughout the entire tour of the Salda lake from Side, you will be accompanied by professional guides-historians who have a huge amount of information and are happy to share it with guests.

You will receive not only a charge of vivacity, but also a lot of incredible impressions, remembering which you will experience admiration and high spirits. The group will travel on modern comfortable air-conditioned buses. You do not have to worry about food, because the Salda Lake and Pamukkale tour from Side is an all inclusive tour - breakfast, lunch and dinner are waiting for you during the tour.

Side to Salda lake and Pamukkale price 2024

  1 Adult 30£
  1 Kids (4-8) 18£
  1 Infants (0-3) Free
Book the tour, pay on the trip

Side to Salda lake and Pamukkale program

  • Pamukkale and Salda lake from Side - Turkish Maldives will begin from the transfer from the hotel
  • Breakfast in a national restaurant
  • Arrival on Salda Lake
  • Lunch in restaurant serving national Turkish cuisine
  • Resting on the white sandy beach, free time for a walk
  • Excursion to the Pamukkale - snow-white cascading travertines with mineral water
  • Briefing from the guide about the history of the sights
  • Tour in the ancient city of Hierapolis - free time to explore the ancient streets, buildings, an amphitheater with a capacity of up to 15 thousand people, etc.
  • Swimming in Cleopatra pool (optional)
  • Meeting of the tourist group near the buses and departure on the way back
  • Dinner at a national restaurant
  • Way back to the hotel

You need to know

  • Tour days: Every day
  • Tour hours: 06:00 - 21:00
  • Includes: transfer from the hotel and back, insurance, English-speaking guides, breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Excludes: drinks (optional), entrance tickets to the Cleopatra pool (optional), entrance tickets to attractions in program
  • Recommended: water, swimwear and towels, sunglasses and hats, comfortable shoes and clothes

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