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Zipline in Side is a combo tour that also includes tracking in Turkey, rafting and bungee descent, which is called the zip line. Guests in one day will be able to visit three different excursions in Tazi Canyon and other places for the price of one.

Zipline Side Turkey extensive explanation

Zipline in Side is the perfect solution for outdoor enthusiasts in Turkey. The duration of a rich journey of three activities is about 10 hours and it passes through the territory of the Koprulu Canyon. The program of this exciting tour includes three different entertainments, each of which is interesting and unique in its own way.

Zipline it

Ziplining is a well-known sport that involves sliding along a wire rope or ropes stretched from the highest point to the lowest point on the rope

Zipline in Tazi Canyon

Guests of the country who decide on such an adventure will go down the Beskonak river, which is known for its turbulent streams. It flows in the Koprulu canyon reserve, and its length is 183 kilometers. The second option is a zipline in Tazi Canyon, which is no less beautiful than the first one. The tour will appeal to beginners in this business, as some sections of the path are quite simple. And for experienced guides, they offer megarafting in Side along the Koprucay river, which is also included in the program. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then you will also like the quad bike safari.

At the end of the adventure, all thrill-seekers will have a delicious and hearty lunch, as well as communication with new friends. The tour program involves three stages, between which there are short breaks.

  • The first stage is tracking, and it includes a 2 km hiking tour along the mountains, and then a trip through the famous Koprulu canyon. Beautiful landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • The second stage of the zipline tour in Side involves descending the iron rope, which is popularly called the bungee. Guests in insurance gear will be able to feel like a real bird, soaring over the river at high speed. The release of adrenaline will make the heart beat faster from the emotions experienced.
  • The third stage of the tourists' adventure involves rafting down the river in rubber raft boats for 10 or 2 seats. Before boarding the boat, the guides will conduct a thorough briefing, which everyone must follow in order to avoid accidents. Tourists manage the boats on their own, but the instructors are always ready and, if necessary, will come to the rescue. Boats can accommodate 8-10 people, but there are also double boats - their rental for our company's clients is free.

During the stops, you can swim in Koprucay river or just sit on the shore to gain strength. Choosing to zipline in Side is a great way to diversify your holiday in Turkey.

Zipline prices in Turkey

The minimum price of the Zipline in Turkey Side is indicated on our website and we guarantee that all items from the specified program are already included in it. If you decide to pre-book a place for yourself on an excursion, you can book a ticket online, then there is no doubt. This is quite inexpensive, given the duration of the adventure and the emotions received. For those who love extreme and active recreation, we recommend trying your hand at an exciting quad biking in Side.

The price of the Side zipline tour already includes all the necessary equipment and equipment, mandatory full insurance and the accompaniment of instructors who will tell you about all the important points regarding safety.

Zipline Side Turkey price 2024

  1 Adult 30£
  1 Kids (7-12) 15£
  1 Infants (0-6) Free
Book the tour, pay on the trip

Zipline Side Turkey program

  • Gathering of guests from Side hotels
  • Arrival at the rafting base Koprolu canyon
  • Equipment for alloy - vests, helmets, paddles
  • The first stage of the mountain river rafting
  • Stop for swimming and photos in the middle of a mountain river - jumping into the water from the bridge, rest on the shore
  • The second stage of the mountain river rafting
  • Stop and canyoning along the scenic mountain trails of Koprulu canyon national park
  • A journey to the ancient ruins of an ancient city
  • Inspection of the ruins of an ancient bridge that survived to our times
  • The third stage of the mountain river rafting
  • Zipline on a bungee over a canyon and river
  • Return to base and return to Side hotels

You need to know

  • Tour days: every day
  • Tour hours: 10:00-18:00
  • Includes: Transfer from the hotel, insurance, instructors, full briefing, equipment rental, double kayaks (optional), lunch, zipline tour
  • Excludes: Drinks, photos and videos (optional)
  • Recommended: Swimsuits, tight shoes, change clothes, sunscreen. If you take equipment (phones, cameras) with you, you can leave them in a safe and waterproof place

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