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Boat hire in Side Turkey is luxury, vip and great way to diversify your vacation, providing you with a sea of emotions at a very affordable price. You can have a great time by renting a boat or a motor yacht from the owner, enjoying the picturesque sea views, especially if you have a special holiday on this day! Guests can rent a yacht in Side with or without a skipper, and we will tell you exactly how much it costs to charter a sailing yacht without a captain. You can hire a private yacht for any period: for 1 day or for a week.

Boat hire Side Turkey extensive explanation

Boat hire in Side Turkey is an ideal option for a cozy family vacation, even with small children, because only your family and friends will be on the boat, and the ship’s staff consists exclusively of professionals and takes all the necessary safety measures on board.

Yacht charter in Side Türkiye

Do you dream of seeing Turkey in a way that most ordinary tourists do not see it? The best way is to charter a yacht with a captain in Side for a day or half a day!

Private boat hire Side Turkey

Private boat hire in Side Turkey attracts with a huge advantage: you immediately begin to explore nature, which is inaccessible to the gaze of vacationers on land. Prices for personal tours have long ceased to be too high, having familiarized yourself with the cost of the service, you will be pleasantly surprised. The excursion program includes a walk on a magnificent sea liner, a personal car that will take you and pick you up directly from your hotel. Guests are given the opportunity to swim in the warm azure waters of the open sea; for this, the program provides stops. After an active holiday, tourists will have a delicious lunch from the best chefs! After moving aboard the yacht, you can sunbathe on the sunbeds, which are conveniently adjustable and only add comfort to your weekend.

Rent a boat Side Turkey

During sunset, there will be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the surrounding views of the picturesque coastline. A yacht that will belong only to you is a real gift during the holidays. Specially rent a boat in Side for a holiday, anniversary or romantic event, we will decorate the yacht absolutely free.

A personal tour is suitable for large companies and couples, you will see interesting places of the Mediterranean coast. When you are dependent on an entire group, that luxury of freedom of movement is not possible. With just a step aboard our liner, all the daily routine and everyday problems will remain on the shore, helping you to plunge into the Mediterranean paradise.

Side vip yacht rental

A friendly captain is waiting for you in Side sea port on board the vip yacht. Unlimited soft drinks are at your service throughout the trip. In the middle of the trip, you will find a delicious and hearty lunch with local Turkish flavor, prepared by the skipper personally for you and your company.

Boat rental in Side for the day

If you decide to boat rental in Side with a whole group of friends for a day, then there will be no problems! We have a large selection of sea transport, some of the yachts can accommodate up to thirty people. Book a yacht tour right now! Our managers in Side, will be able to contact you using chat or WhatsApp. They will answer all your questions regarding the tour and help you book places for you and your family.

Side Turkey boat hire

Please note that the final boat hire price depends on the distance of the hotel from the port in Side where you are staying and the number of people. Specify this data in the application and our manager will contact you to clarify all the details and provide yacht options to choose from with a photo and a detailed description.

If you really love nature and enjoy contemplating the picturesque landscapes, then you will also like the excursion to the Green Canyon from Side.

Boat hire Side Turkey price 2024

  1 Adult 45£
  1 Kids (7-12) 45£
  1 Infants (0-6) Free
Book the tour, pay on the trip

Boat hire Side Turkey program

  • IMPORTANT! Price of rent boat in Side Turkey depends on the number of people and the size of the yacht. We have a lot of modern yachts for You. Please contact with our manager on WhattsApp and we will help you choose best yacht.

  • Free private transfer from hotels (comfortable buses and VIP-cars)

  • Departure from the port on yacht tour

  • Traveling along the coast on yacht in Side

  • Stops for swimming in the Mediterranean sea and near the best beaches

  • Delicious grilled lunch from the captain of the boat

  • Unlimited quantities all time: soft drinks, coffee, tea, water

  • Arrival at the port

  • The way back to the hotel (comfortable private buses and VIP-cars)

You need to know

  • Tour days: every day

  • Tour hours: 07:00 - 24:00

  • Includes: transfer, lunch, soft drinks

  • Excludes: alcoholic drinks on the yacht (optional)

  • Recommended: swimsuit, sunglass, towel, sunblock

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