Side city tour on bus

Side city tour on bus is the best way to get to know the city, which has preserved to this day the sights and ruins of antiquity. An experienced guide will tell you about every place you stay.

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Side city tour on bus Content of the trip

Side is a resort town in Turkey, which is rich in beautiful hotels, clean beaches, clear and warm sea. The history of this city and the ruins of ancient sights in it are of great importance. A tour of Side by bus will give you the opportunity to find yourself in the historical past of Turkey and understand the highlight of this city. You will be able to visit a huge number of memorable monuments inherited from ancient civilizations.

See on the bus: features of the program

Before you travel, you can see the sights of Side on the map and then go to get to know them live. As part of the tour, guests will get acquainted with a lot of interesting places:

  • Agora is the area of the market where the ancient buildings are preserved.
  • The Temple of Dionysus is an ancient sanctuary.
  • The ancient theater is a building where the most significant events of antiquity were come true.
  • The Roman thermals are a museum located on the territory of former Roman baths.
  • The Arc de Triomphe is the gateway to the city, which was built in honor of Vespasian, the ancient emperor.
  • Manavgat is an old town with a famous waterfall of the same name.

The guide to Side by bus is a short guide to exploring the heart of Turkey, a history of attractions that is valuable information for every tourist. Kumkoy, Cholakli, Sorgun, Titreengol, Kyzylagach are the neighborhoods of Side, from which this tour is also available without changing the cost.

Walking in the Side is an opportunity to visit the open-air museum. Especially popular temple Apollo, photos there really captivate views, and reviews about these places - only the most enthusiastic, because this location really surprises all travelers. Our private guide will tell the story so that you can't get distracted for a second. Once in the antique Side, the group as if to visit on the set of a historical film.

If you like something exotic and do not want to go by bus, then we advise you to choose a tour tour of Side on convertibles. These are two-storey buses, where you will ride with the breeze as if in an open convertible, which will double the positive emotions.

Due to the spread of coronavirus, a strong request to tourists to observe the rules of safety and hygiene. The guide will provide antiseptic products, personal protection masks, as well as strictly monitors the social distance, and all tour buses are regularly disinfected.

Antique Side, the photo of which is better to get from a height, will please its rich historical heritage. This tour is especially popular with families with children.

Manavgat Falls: Height and History

It is an artificial waterfall, which was named after the mountain river of the same name. Its height is quite small - 2 meters, but the width reaches 40 meters. Between 1968 and 1983, the waterfall was depicted on the reverse side of the bill 5 liras. Manavgat is an artificial dam created for hydraulic purposes for the stable operation of the Oymapinar mountain reservoir.

The beauty of nature around and the waterfall itself is a mesmerizing sight. The cool breeze around is a marvelous grace. How to get to Manavgat, you ask? You can choose any way, but the most comfortable way to book a tour with us and to see this can be, having read the reviews. A large flow of tourists is sent to Manavgat every year, they are attracted by local attractions and shopping. The mosque, which is within the city limits, can be seen from anywhere in the city. It is truly majestic and must be seen by everyone. The old town of Side, the history of which can not but arouse interest among tourists, will leave a lot of positive emotions and impressions.

Why book a tour with us?

We work directly with customers and you don't need to overpay intermediaries. Our company carefully chooses employees, namely drivers and Russian-speaking guides, because we care about the safety of guests, and the guide depends a lot. We work honestly and openly, that is, you can easily both book a tour, and cancel it without losing your money. We wish a great rest and unusual routes, and our range of walks of any type will please!

Side city tour on bus from city districts

Side Tour By Bus From Sorgun

Side Tour By Bus From Sorgun is a fascinating and very rich excursion program where you can get to know the most important attractions of the region in one day. Guests will take a walk to Manavgat , the most famous waterfall, listen to a story about side's ancient past and visit the largest mosque located here.

Side Trip By Bus From Kumköy

Side Trip By Bus From Kumköy - conditioning and English-speaking guides in comfortable modern transportation on the outskirts of side by bus from kumköy will tell you about the rich ancient history of Side region, the formation of the ancient settlement of Seleucia and how the unique Manavgat waterfall was formed.

Side Tour By Bus From Titreyengöl

Side Tour By Bus From Titreyengöl - is suitable for guests of all ages, as it is carried out by comfortable and modern buses. During the day, an English-speaking historian's guide will tell you all the sights of the region: the ancient ruins of the city of Seleucia, the creation of the largest mosque in Manavgat, the history of the Roman aqueduct, etc.

Side City Trip By Bus From Manavgat

Side City Trip By Bus From Manavgat - attracts guests with its comfort and rich program. The group takes the journey by modern buses, and mandatory departure points will include the ancient city of Seleucia in the suburb of side, the famous waterfall Manavgat waterfall, picturesque Turkish villages and other tourist attractions.

Side City Tour By Bus From Kızılağaç

Side City Tour By Bus From Kızılağaç - is a rich journey with comfortable buses with stops in the most famous tourist places of the resort. The group will visit the ancient settlement of Seleucia and the famous aqueduct from the period of the Roman Empire, the picturesque Manavgat waterfall, etc. They'll see for themselves.

Side City Trip By Bus From Kizil

Side City Trip By Bus From Kizil - is a journey in the natural and historical places of the resort, beyond the reach of an ordinary beach tourist. Accompanied English Yesil guide, the group will travel to the “heart” of the ancient past of side, the ancient city of Seleucia, see the Manavgat waterfall, and then relax in the Green Lake.

Side City Tour By Bus From Evrenseki

Side City Tour By Bus From Evrenseki - is perfect for those who like to travel with comfort and comfort. The tour is run by modern, air-conditioned buses and includes both historical and natural attractions. Among them are the ruins of the ancient city of Seleucia and the unique Roman aqueduct, waterfalls, Yesil Lake, etc. many historical sites are included .

Side City Tour From Çolaklı By Bus

Side City Tour From Çolaklı By Bus - combines the beauty of picturesque Turkish nature with the rich historical past of these lands. The sightseeing program includes visits to the ancient “fortress city” of Seleucia, the Roman aqueduct where drinking water is delivered to the city, the unique Manavgat waterfall and the large-scale mosque in Manavgat.

Side city tour on bus price list

 1 Adult 25
 1 Children (7-12) 20
 1 Infants (0-6) Free

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Side city tour on bus excursion program

  • Side city tour on bus will start from a comfortable transfer from the hotel

  • Tour to the famous Manavgat waterfall

  • Transfer to the ancient city Seleucia, which appeared in the 4th century BC

  • Excursion to the ruins of the ancient Aqueduct, built during times of Roman Empire

  • Tea-break in an authentic Turkish village

  • Panoramic view of famous Oymapinar dam - photo-break

  • Arrives to boat in the port and start a boat tour on the Green Lake

  • Stop for lunch of national Turkish dishes overlooking the Green Lake

  • Tour to ancient mosque Merkez Kullie - the most beautiful mosque with four minarets

  • Return to the hotels of Side region

What every guest should know

  • Tour days: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

  • Tour hours: 09:00 - 18:00

  • Includes: insurance, transfer, English-speaking guides, yacht tour, lunch

  • Excludes: ticket to Manavgat waterfall , drinks

  • Recommended: swimwear and towels, comfortable clothes and shoes

Side city tour on bus video

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