Jeep Safari in Side (Turkey)

Excursion to Jeep Safari in Side will be an incredibly cheerful and memorable journey in which you will be accompanied by mountains, water and the sun. This is a great opportunity to get positive impressions and to discover Turkey.

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Jeep Safari in Side (Turkey) Content of the trip

Jeep Safari in Side will be an incredibly cheerful and memorable journey in which you will be accompanied by mountains, water and the sun. This is a great opportunity to get positive impressions and to discover Turkey from a new side.

The distance from Side to jeep safari is insignificant; a ride on powerful open off road cars allows you to see how the local inhabitants of these Turkish villages live. You can taste traditional Turkish bread, and also make amazing photos of the view that opens in the mountains. The travel program also includes a visit to the old existing mosque, so during almost the entire excursion tour you will get acquainted with local customs. At the end of the trip you can have lunch in the restaurant and swim in clean and cool water. Buying a sightseeing tour means to get a safe and active holiday, charging with positive emotions for the whole holiday!

During the journey Jeep Safari in Side you will be able to overcome many obstacles in the form of steep descents and climbs, mountain springs, when moving through which rise cool splashes of refreshing mountain water. At the height of more than 1500 m above the sea opens an amazing view of the picturesque nature.

Features of the program:

  • The tour starts from the collection of the participants of the excursion from the hotels. On the bus you leave city, then transfer to Jeeps, which will be the starting point of the tour.
  • The First location is a mosque, whose age is more than 650 years. Here the group is given free time to take pictures and walk around the building.
  • Then you go to the ruins of an ancient aqueduct that has been preserved since Roman times.
  • Then The group stops in the Turkish village to get acquainted with the locals, their traditions and customs
  • Another location can be at the request of participants a small local zoo. After lunch You can swim in the mountain lake and then return to the hotels.

The cost of the tour includes: Transfer from the hotel and back, lunch.
Additional charges: Drinks, tickets to enter the zoo.
Also, your personal expenses are not included. We can offer to you different type of Jeep Safari

To make you feel comfortable during the tour, it is recommended to have comfortable clothes and light shoes, sunglasses, swimming trunks or swimsuit, towel. Grab a camera or video camera to take pictures in memory.

In connection with the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, all excursions in Turkey follow the rules to protect tourists and the staff of the tourism industry, in the open access for all, excursion transport and equipment are regularly disinfected, everywhere the social distance of 2 meters is observed.

Jeep Safari in Side (Turkey) from city districts

Jeep Safari Sorgun

Jeep Safari in Sorgun is a great ride to have fun and get to know the majestic nature of the Taurus Mountains and the traditions of the real locals. On this journey, lunch is waiting for you in an incredibly beautiful place with colorful mountain villages and magnificent forest views.

Kumkoy Jeep Safari

Kumkoy Jeep Safari will introduce the local and foreign guests of Sunny Turkey to the true unspoiled nature of the Antalya region. This journey will make an unforgettable adventure, pleasing both adults and children. It will also be done off-road in the magnificent Taurus Mountains.

Jeep Safari in Titreyengol

Jeep Safari in Titreyengol caters to anyone who loves active holidays and enjoys meeting new places hidden from the eyes of an ordinary beach tourist. The ride takes place along the Lost trails of the Taurus Mountains and includes steep turns made by professional drivers.

Manavgat Jeep Safari

Manavgat Jeep Safari is a unique opportunity to take a closer look at the incredible views of the Taurus Mountains surrounding the coast of Side. We offer you a safe journey for guests of all ages , and you will pass through the fun and breathtaking terrain road on your way to the orchards and the village .

Jeep Safari from Kızılagac

Jeep Safari from Kızılagac is a unique program that includes exciting driving and bends in mountainous terrain surrounded by views of the Taurus Mountains. A professional guide will inform the group about the characteristics and traditions of the life of the true mountain dwellers.

Kizilot Jeep Safari

Kizilot Jeep Safari has been considered one of the most popular trips in Turkey for many years, because it helps you easily and naturally recognize the local color of mountain villages, see the beauty of the East with your own eyes, and visit endless fruit fields by picking a sweet orange from the tree.

Jeep Safari Trip From Evrenseki

Jeep Safari Trip From Evrenseki - blends the cultural riches in the side holiday areas of the Mediterranean region and reveals them with this tour

Jeep Safari From Colakli

Jeep Safari From Colakli - takes you on a fun mountain trip with a free transfer. At the foot of the mountain you will find jeep safari and fun with water battles.

Jeep Safari in Side (Turkey) price list

 1 Adult 18
 1 Children (7-12) 9
 1 Infants (0-6) Free

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Jeep Safari in Side (Turkey) excursion program

  • Jeep Safari in Side (Turkey) begins from the transfer of guests from hotels

  • Start jeep safari and departure of the group on the tour route

  • Excursion to the famous Manavgat waterfall (optional)

  • Sightseeing tour in jeeps along the picturesque off-road landskapes of the Taurus Mountains

  • Photo-break on the panoramic view - breathtaking landskapes from 1500 m above

  • Arrival on the place where the guests will take rest and lunch

  • Swimming in the mountain Green Lake, comfortable resting on the beach, free time for walking and sightseeing - 1 hour

  • Boat tour on colorful canoes on the lake (optional)

  • Lunch on restaurant near Green Lake with a view of the mountain panorama, serving national Turkish cuisine

  • Walking to cozy zoo near the Oymapinar dam (optional)

  • Return transfer to the hotels

What every guest should know

  • Tour days: every day

  • Tour hours: 09:00 - 16:00

  • Includes: Transfer, insurance, lunch, English-speaking guide

  • Excludes: drinks, entrance to the zoo, entrance to the Manavgat waterfall, canoeing

  • Recommended: swimsuits, swimwear, towels, comfortable shoes and clothes, sunglasses

Jeep Safari in Side (Turkey) video


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