Evrenseki sunset cruise in Turkey

Evrenseki sunset cruise in Turkey - indulge yourself in the spellbinding allure of a sunset sail. Glide along the shoreline, behold the awe-inspiring sunset, and savor a delectable dinner on deck. On an unforgettable journey by Antalya through a sunset boat excursion. Relax as you marvel at the radiant Turkish sunset. Set sail on a sunset boat expedition nearby for an enchanting voyage along the coast. Craft timeless memories and embrace the splendor of the natural world.

Evrenseki sunset cruise in Turkey extensive explanation

Partake in the allure of an Evrenseki sunset cruise in Turkey. Revel in the beauty as you sail along the coast, with the sky ablaze with hues of orange and pink. Witness the breathtaking sunset painting a masterpiece across the horizon, casting a golden glow upon the tranquil waters.

Indulge in Delight

Delight your senses with a delightful dinner onboard, where culinary delights await to tantalize your taste buds. Savor the flavors of traditional Turkish cuisine served amidst the stunning backdrop of the setting sun. Allow the gentle sea breeze to caress your skin as you dine under the open sky, creating an ambiance of pure bliss.

Embrace Unforgettable Moments

For an unforgettable adventure, on a sunset boat trip from Side and the charming city of Antalya. As the sun dips below the horizon, bask in the serenity of the moment, letting go of all worries and yourself in the tranquility of the sea. Capture stunning photographs as mementos of your journey, preserving memories that will last a lifetime.

Unwind and relax as you witness the beauty of the Turkish sunset, a sight that will leave you in awe of nature's magnificence. Join a sunset boat tour near you and a mesmerizing journey along the coastline, where every moment is filled with wonder and enchantment.

Create cherished memories with loved ones as you sail into the sunset, surrounded by the splendor of the natural world. Whether you're seeking adventure or simply looking to unwind, a sunset cruise in Turkey promises an experience like no other, where every sunset is a masterpiece waiting to be found.

Evrenseki sunset cruise in Turkey price 2024

  1 Adult 30£
  1 Kids (6-12) 15£
  1 Infants (0-5) Free
Book the tour, pay on the trip

Evrenseki sunset cruise in Turkey program

  • Experience an evening boat excursion in Evrenseki - begin with hotel transfer to the port
  • Upon arrival at the pier, board the ship
  • Meet your guide and commence your voyage
  • Admire the sea vistas of Evrenseki from the yacht
  • Pause in the open sea for swimming and relaxation
  • Enjoy onboard animation shows and games
  • Opt for a foam disco on the upper deck
  • Savor a dinner of authentic Turkish cuisine
  • Return to the port and journey back to hotels in the vicinity

You need to know

  • Tour days: every day
  • Tour hours: 17:00 - 21:00
  • Includes: transfer from the hotel and back, insurance, guide, dinner on the boat
  • Excludes: drinks, personal expenses
  • Recommended: swimwear, towel, sunglasses

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Evrenseki sunset cruise in Turkey
Evrenseki sunset cruise

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