Istanbul from Side

Istanbul from Side tour is a unique opportunity to visit extremely fascinating city. This city has always represented a bridge between Europe and Asia. A mixture of lavish palaces, lonely wooden houses, world-wide modern shops and bazaars. This is also the city with memories of past times.

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Istanbul from Side Content of the trip

Ecursion Istanbul Side - While you are in Turkey, you should definitely buy a tour and visit the capital of the Ottoman Empire - fabulous Istanbul. This is a true Oriental dream: beautiful sights, temples and historical locations, noisy bazaars and unique flavor. The tour is an opportunity to visit the heart of the history of the Roman Empire and Byzantium, visit the most interesting museums and mosques.

The distance from Side to Istanbul is big, so the departure is scheduled for early morning. You will take a plane from Antalya Airport.

Features of the tour:

  • The program begins with the Topkapi Palace, a monumental building that also bears the second name “Cannon Gate”. Once it was the main residence of these Turkish sultans. If desired, you can visit the harem at low price.
  • Then the group goes to the Aya Sofia Museum (Hagia Sophia). This is a world-famous monument of Byzantine construction, a landmark building, which was built in 537 year. Imagine that for more than a thousand years the cathedral remained the largest Christian church! You will see the beauty of the cathedral with your own eyes.
  • At one o'clock the participants of the excursion will be able to have lunch and then visit the Hippodrome Square, which is located in the historical part of Istanbul. The square consists of two parts - the main one and the part between the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Here, tourists are invited to look at the Byzantine obelisks and columns. From here it is convenient to travel to the Blue Mosque. Special ceramics and painting with blue and white paint, unusual patterns - all this combined with the light falling from more than two hundred and fifty windows, makes the color of the interior inside the mosque really blue.

Istanbul from Side Tour:

Further, the tour continues at the Spice Bazaar (also called the Egyptian market). Here you can bargain with the local, if you speak Turkish, as well as buy decorations and sweets according to original recipes at a relatively low price.

Then tourists will enjoy an exciting walk along the Bosphorus, dinner, and departure from Ataturk Airport. Upon arrival in Antalya, a transfer back to the hotel is provided.

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Included in the price: Transfer, flight, insurance, services of a licensed guide (speaks English), tickets for entrance to the Aya Sophia, hall of the Topkapi Palace.

Additional charges: Tickets to enter the Harem in the DV. Topkapi, drinks.

In connection with the global struggle against COVID-19, the airports installed thermal cameras and diagnostic centers, strictly observed the distance of 2 meters and at every step installed sanitizers, all tourist transport regularly passes disinfection.

Istanbul from Side from city districts

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Istanbul Tour From Kizilot

Istanbul Tour From Kizilot - will allow you to change the atmosphere of a beach holiday for an exciting journey into the historical past of the Ottoman Empire. As part of the trip, the guide will inform local and foreign tourists about the riddles and secrets of Topkapi Palace, tell them about the history of Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, walk the streets of the Old City and organize a sea tour of the Bosphorus.

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Istanbul from Side price list

 1 Adult 220
 1 Children (3-12) 220
 1 Infants (0-2) Free

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Istanbul from Side excursion program

  • Istanbul from Side start from the transfer of guests from hotels

  • Arrival in Antalya airport and check-in for the flight

  • Landing at the Istanbul airport, meeting with the guide

  • Tour to Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque)

  • Excursion to Hippodrome Square

  • Acquaintance with the German Fountain on Sultanahmet Square

  • Lunch from national dishes in a city restaurant

  • Sultanahmet Square - free time for walking and sightseeing

  • Tour to Topkapi Palace, information about history of Ottoman Empire and sultans

  • Excursion to the Hagia Sophia in the historical area of Istanbul

  • Free time for shopping at the Egyptian market

  • Boat tour along the waters of Bosphorus Strait

  • Dinner with national dishes in a city restaurant

  • Arrival at Istanbul airport, check-in for the return flight

  • Landing at Antalya airport and return to Side hotels

What every guest should know

  • Tour days: Wednesday, Saturday

  • Tour hours: 04:00 - 23:30

  • Includes: transfer, air tickets, insurance, English-speaking guide, dinner, Bosphorus boat tour, entrance according to the program

  • Excludes: entrance to Harem Topkapi, drinks, lunch

  • Recommended: lunch box from the hotel (ordered a day before tour), comfortable clothes and shoes, water

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Istanbul from Side

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