Jeep safari Kizilot

For numerous years, the Kizilot Jeep Safari has stood out as a highly favored excursion in Turkey. This adventure allows you to effortlessly and organically experience the authentic charm of mountain villages, behold the splendor of the eastern region firsthand, and Cipher out boundless fruit orchards where you can pluck a delectable orange straight from the tree.

Jeep safari Kizilot extensive explanation

The Kizilot Jeep Safari has long been acclaimed as one of Turkey's most sought-after tours, captivating enthusiasts with its ability to Submerge them in the vibrant tapestry of mountain villages and unveil the breathtaking beauty of the eastern landscape. This adventure seamlessly allows travelers to connect with the local culture, providing an authentic experience that resonates with the essence of the region.

Cipher out Mountain Villages

Embarking on the Kizilot Jeep Safari is akin to stepping into a living canvas of mountain villages. As you traverse the winding paths, you'll witness the genuine charm of these communities, Submerge yourself in their unique colors and traditions. The journey unfolds like a visual narrative, allowing you to absorb the distinctive local flavor that defines the heart of these settlements.

Encountering Eastern Beauty

Setting your sights on the eastern horizon, the Kizilot Jeep Safari reveals a panorama of natural wonders. From majestic landscapes to serene vistas, this tour unveils the beauty of the east in all its glory. The opportunity to witness these awe-inspiring scenes firsthand creates a lasting impression, etching the allure of the eastern region into your memory.

Harvesting from Endless Orchards

A highlight of the journey is the chance to Cipher out vast fruit fields, where endless orchards stretch as far as the eye can see. Here, the verdant surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for a hands-on experience – plucking a sweet orange directly from the tree. This tangible connection with nature adds a sensory dimension to the adventure, allowing you to savor the freshness and sweetness of the region's bountiful harvest.

In essence, the Side Jeep Safari isn't just a tour; it's a multi-faceted exploration that engages your senses and Submerge you in the rich tapestry of Turkey's cultural and natural treasures. Whether strolling through mountain villages, gazing upon eastern landscapes, or indulging in the fruits of the land, this adventure promises an unforgettable journey that goes beyond the ordinary.

Jeep safari Kizilot price 2024

  1 Adult 15£
  1 Kids (7-12)
  1 Infants (0-6) Free
Book the tour, pay on the trip

Jeep safari Kizilot program

  • Your exciting jeep safari adventure in Kizilot kicks off with a convenient transfer from your hotel.
  • We embark on the thrilling jeep safari in Kizilot, guiding the group through a planned route for an unforgettable journey.
  • An excursion to the renowned Manavgat Waterfall (optional participation) adds a touch of water magic to our adventure.
  • Our jeeps conquer the picturesque off-road trails of the Taurus Mountains, creating unique impressions for each participant.
  • An exhilarating photo pause at a panoramic platform offers breathtaking views from an elevation of 1500 meters above sea level.
  • Upon arrival at the relaxation point, we schedule a break for lunch, allowing our guests to savor the taste and take a well-deserved rest.
  • Swimming in the mountainous Green Lake, leisure on the equipped beach, and free time for strolls and sightseeing - all encompassed in an hour of our itinerary.
  • Adventure enthusiasts have the opportunity to paddle colorful canoe boats on the lake (optional for guests).
  • Lunch on the shores of the picturesque Green Lake in a restaurant serving dishes from the national Turkish cuisine, with a view of the mountain panorama, becomes a culinary delight.
  • A stroll through the cozy zoo near the Oymapinar Dam (optional for guests) adds extra vibrant colors to our journey.
  • After a fulfilling day, it's time for the return transfer, bringing our guests back to the comfort of their hotel.

You need to know

  • Tour days: every day
  • Tour hours: 09:00 - 16:00
  • Includes: Transfer, insurance, lunch, guide
  • Excludes: drinks, entrance to the zoo, entrance to the Manavgat waterfall
  • Recommended: swimsuit, swimwear, towel, comfortable shoes and clothes, sunglass

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Jeep Safari in Kizilot Turkey

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