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Snorkeling in Side offers a remarkable underwater adventure along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. With crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life, Side is an ideal location for both beginners and seasoned snorkelers. The region is home to diverse Mediterranean fish species, making each snorkeling trip exciting and unique. Nearby, Antalya also provides excellent snorkeling opportunities with its stunning beaches and rich marine ecosystems. Whether you're searching for the best snorkeling spots or planning a trip to the Blue Lagoon, Turkey’s coastline promises an unforgettable underwater journey.

Snorkeling in Side Turkey extensive explanation

When considering a unique and captivating adventure, snorkeling in Side, Turkey, stands out as a top choice. The vibrant underwater world of the Mediterranean offers an incredible opportunity to witness a variety of marine life in their natural habitat. Side, with its clear waters and rich aquatic biodiversity, is one of the premier locations for snorkeling in Turkey. As you glide through the water, you'll encounter a plethora of Mediterranean fish species, from the brightly colored wrasses to the elusive moray eels. Each snorkeling trip promises an unforgettable encounter with the underwater world, making it an essential activity for visitors to the region.

Best snorkeling in Turkey

Among the best snorkeling spots in Turkey, Side holds a special place due to its pristine beaches and excellent water visibility. The coastline near Side is dotted with numerous bays and inlets, each offering a unique underwater landscape. Whether you're a seasoned snorkeler or a beginner, the calm waters make it easy to enjoy the marine life without much effort. Additionally, the warm Mediterranean climate ensures that the water remains inviting throughout most of the year. For those wondering if Turkey is good for snorkeling, Side provides a resounding yes with its exceptional conditions and accessibility.

If you're in Antalya and looking to extend your snorkeling adventures, the nearby beaches and coves also offer fantastic opportunities. Snorkeling in Antalya is popular for its diverse marine ecosystem and stunning underwater rock formations. Just a short drive from Side, Antalya’s coastal areas provide some of the best beaches in Turkey for snorkeling. These spots are perfect for day trips from Side, allowing you to explore a different slice of the Mediterranean each time. The clear, turquoise waters and the abundance of marine life make every snorkeling tour in this region a memorable experience.

Blue lagoon in Turkey snorkeling

For those curious about the best places to go snorkeling near Side, the Blue Lagoon in Turkey is a must-visit. Known for its breathtaking beauty and tranquil waters, the Blue Lagoon is a snorkeling paradise. Here, you can swim alongside schools of vibrant fish and marvel at the underwater flora. The lagoon's calm and shallow waters are ideal for snorkelers of all skill levels. This serene spot is perfect for a relaxing day trip, allowing you to unwind and appreciate the natural beauty that makes Turkey such a fantastic snorkeling destination.

Whether you're planning a snorkeling trip or simply searching for "snorkeling spots near me" while in Turkey, you'll find no shortage of amazing locations. From the bustling beaches of Antalya to the hidden gems around Side, the Turkish coastline is a treasure trove of snorkeling opportunities. Each site offers a unique glimpse into the Mediterranean's underwater world, ensuring that your snorkeling adventures are both diverse and exciting. So, if you're pondering, "Can you snorkel in Turkey?" rest assured that the answer is a definite and enthusiastic yes. With its warm waters, abundant marine life, and stunning underwater scenery, Turkey is truly a snorkeler's paradise.

Snorkeling in Side Turkey price 2024

  1 Adult 33£
  1 Kids (6-12) 20£
Book the tour, pay on the trip

Snorkeling in Side Turkey program

  • Collect guests from their hotels in cozy buses.
  • Begin the program at the central Manavgat harbor.
  • Enjoy a sea panorama of Side on the scenic Mediterranean coast.
  • Visit a delta for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Move offshore for an unforgettable snorkeling experience in open waters.
  • Snorkel near Turtle beach and Side beach.
  • Take a lunch break on the boat.
  • Snorkel in the open sea, 2 km from the beach.
  • Make stops for swimming and free diving.
  • Return to the central harbor.
  • Transfer guests back to their hotels.

You need to know

  • Tour days: Everyday
  • Tour hours: 09:30 — 15:00
  • Includes: Transfer, lunch, Instructor, equipments
  • Excludes: drinks
  • Recommended: towel, sun cream, swimsuit

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Snorkeling in Side Turkey
Snorkeling in Side

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