Çolaklı to Alanya

Çolaklı to Alanya - when on a journey for a delightful excursion, opt for lightweight and cozy attire, along with suitable footwear. Don't forget to bring along a hat, swimwear, towel, and sunglasses to shield yourself from the radiant Turkish sun. The itinerary for a city in Alanya by bus encompasses all the must-see spots: the vibrant city center, the majestic castle, a scenic cable car ride, a refreshing boat excursion, a riverside restaurant by the Dim Cay, the renowned Cleopatra beach, and much more. Fortunately, the attractions of Alanya and Çolaklı are conveniently situated within close proximity to each other, making transportation between them hassle-free.

Çolaklı to Alanya extensive explanation

When preparing for a journey from Çolaklı to Alanya for an enriching adventure, ensure your attire is both lightweight and comfortable. It's wise to select footwear that will provide you with ease of movement. Additionally, remember to pack essential items such as a hat, swimwear, towel, and sunglasses to safeguard yourself from the intense Turkish sun. Embrace the excitement of research by planning ahead and equipping yourself with everything you need for a memorable experience.

Alanya's Wonders

The itinerary for a guided city tour in Alanya from Side by bus is meticulously crafted to include all the iconic landmarks that every visitor should experience. From the bustling city center to the awe-inspiring castle, from a scenic cable car ride to a rejuvenating boat trip, and from a delightful riverside dining experience along the Dim Cay to the famous Cleopatra beach – there's something for everyone to enjoy. Dive into the rich history and vibrant culture of Alanya as you visit its diverse attractions and breathtaking scenery.

Convenient Transportation

Fortunately, navigating between the attractions of Alanya and Çolaklı is a breeze. The proximity of these sites ensures that traveling between them is effortless, allowing you to maximize your time and fully engage yourself in the beauty and culture of this captivating region. Whether you choose to travel by bus, taxi, or rental car, rest assured that getting around will be convenient and stress-free. Take advantage of the efficient transportation options available and start on a seamless journey of opening in Alanya and beyond.

Çolaklı to Alanya price 2024

  1 Adult 25£
  1 Kids (7-12) 15£
  1 Infants (0-6) Free
Book the tour, pay on the trip

Çolaklı to Alanya program

  • Start your journey from Çolaklı to Alanya with a complimentary transfer in a cozy, air-conditioned minibus.
  • Depart for Alanya, the largest resort in the province.
  • Make a stop at banana plantations to savor the local delights.
  • Arrive at Alanya's harbor and start on an enchanting boat trip.
  • Enjoy a scenic boat ride along the peninsula, soaking in picturesque views of the Alanya coast for 1 hour.
  • Indulge in a leisurely walk and refreshing swim at the renowned Cleopatra beach with its golden sands.
  • Opt for an optional excursion to investigate the fascinating Damlatas cave.
  • Head to the mountain river Dim Cay for an unforgettable experience.
  • Savor a delectable lunch at a restaurant nestled amidst the rushing mountain river.
  • Enjoy free time for self-guided research, including visits to Alanya's cable car, castle, the Red Tower, and more.
  • Conclude your excursion with a return transfer to your hotels, filled with cherished memories.

Secure your Çolaklı to Alanya bus ticket, offering a convenient return journey.

Adult Ticket: £10

Children (6-12 years old): £10

Kids (Under 6 years old): Free

You need to know

  • Tour days: wednesday, friday, sunday
  • Tour hours: 08:30 - 18:00
  • Includes: transfer, insurance, lunch, boat trip, guide
  • Excludes: drinks, entrance to Damlatas cave, ticket on cable car
  • Recommended: swimwear and towel, comfortable clothes and shoes

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