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Get away to the enchanting lavender fields of Side, Turkey, where nature's vibrant hues come alive. Research on the Antalya Salda Lake and Lavender Gardens Tour, a captivating journey that unveils the stunning beauty of lavender fields. Detect the picturesque Isparta Kuyucak Lavender Village, a haven of tranquility nestled amidst rolling hills. Submerge in the aromatic splendor of the Lavender Garden in Side, where fragrant blooms dance in the breeze. Involvement in the wonders of The Lavender Farm, a place where serenity and natural elegance merge seamlessly. Indulge in the program tour, where you'll learn about the cultivation and benefits of lavender. Join the lavender farm tour and let the soothing scent of lavender transport you to a world of pure bliss.

Lavender fields Side Turkey extensive explanation

Lavender Fields in Side Antalya: A Fragrant Paradise in Turkey: Welcome to the mesmerizing lavender fields of Isparta, Turkey, where nature's aromatic masterpieces paint the landscape with shades of purple. Nestled in this picturesque region, these lavender fields are a sight to behold, captivating visitors with their enchanting beauty and soothing fragrance.

Salda Lake and Lavender Gardens Tour: A Journey of Splendor

v on the Antalya Salda Lake and Lavender Gardens Tour from Side, a excursion that takes you on a sensory adventure. Begin your journey at Salda Lake, known as the "Maldives of Turkey" for its stunning turquoise waters and powdery white shores. As you submerge in this natural wonder, allow the gentle aroma of lavender to tantalize your senses.

From Salda Lake, continue your tour to the lavender fields, where rows upon rows of blooming lavender plants stretch as far as the eye can see. The lavender fields from Side offer a breathtaking sight, with their vibrant purple hues contrasting against the surrounding greenery.

Kuyucak Lavender Village: A Tranquil Haven

Within the lavender fields of Side lies the charming Kuyucak Lavender Village. This idyllic village is a hidden gem, where time seems to stand still. Stroll through the narrow streets lined with traditional stone houses, surrounded by lavender gardens in full bloom. The scent of lavender permeates the air, creating a serene and calming atmosphere.

While in Kuyucak Lavender Village, take the opportunity to learn about the cultivation and production of lavender. Engage in a program tour that provides insights into the various uses and benefits of lavender, from aromatherapy to culinary delights.

The Lavender Garden from Side: Nature's Fragrant Symphony

A visit to the Lavender Garden from Side Antalya is an absolute must for lavender enthusiasts. Here, you'll find yourself amidst a symphony of fragrant blooms, swaying gently in the breeze. Take a leisurely stroll along the winding pathways, marveling at the different varieties of lavender and breathing in their intoxicating scent.

The Lavender Garden also offers the opportunity to participate in a lavender farm tour. Join knowledgeable guides as they lead you through the intricacies of lavender cultivation, sharing their expertise and passion for this remarkable plant.

The Lavender Farm: Where Serenity Meets Natural Elegance

Complete your lavender journey with a visit to The Lavender Farm, a place where serenity and natural elegance converge. Here, you can witness the meticulous care and dedication that goes into cultivating lavender, ensuring the highest quality of the plant and its essential oils.

Submerge in the lavender-scented atmosphere, where relaxation and tranquility envelop you. The Lavender Farm from Side offers a range of lavender-infused products, from essential oils to soaps and candles, allowing you to bring a piece of this fragrant paradise home with you.

Whether you're a nature lover, a wellness enthusiast, or simply seeking a sensory escape, the lavender fields in Side, Turkey, are sure to leave an indelible impression. Lose yourself in their beauty, breathe in their captivating scent, and discover the serenity that awaits amidst the lavender fields.

Lavender fields Side Turkey price 2024

  1 Adult 45£
  1 Kids (7-12) 27£
Book the tour, pay on the trip

Lavender fields Side Turkey program

  • Lavender fields of Side - the tour begins with the departure of guests from their hotels

  • Pause for breakfast at a local Turkish restaurant

  • Resting stop at Salda Lake "Turkish Maldives" - time for an independent walk

  • Lunch at a local restaurant in the best traditions of the Isparta region of Turkey

  • Tour of the city of Kibera - the city of gladiators, where spectacular gladiator fights used to take place

  • Free time for a photo session and a walk in the lavender fields

  • Return to hotels

You need to know

  • Tour days: wednesday, sunday
  • Tour hours: 05:00 - 21:00
  • Includes: transfer from the hotel and back, insurance, guide, entrance to Salda lake, breakfast and lunch
  • Excludes: drinks, personal expenses
  • Recommended: comfortable clothes and shoes, an outfit for a photo in the lavender fields, hat, water for the journey

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Lavender fields Side Turkey
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