Pamukkale from Side 1 day

The excursion Pamukkale from Side Turkey, the distance, that includes what is not included can be found out in detail in our program. Cleopatra thermal pool, the ancient city of Hierapolis, the city of the dead Necropolis, itinerary, all this in our excursion

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Pamukkale from Side 1 day Content of the trip

The excursion Pamukkale Side - Pamukkale (also called the cotton castle) is a picturesque mountain of white color, which is located in the southwestern part of the country. This area in Turkey is known because of the unique properties of water sources, which locals and visitors consider curative. For many centuries, the springs come to the surface, which contributes to the emergence of amazing lime cascades. A one-day Pamukkale tour from Side is an opportunity to experience the beauty of terraces that look like large ice or snow blocks

These are special natural baths, as local travertines are filled with mineral water with unique properties. Pamukkale temperatures winter or summer here are no less than 36 degrees Celsius. If you want to get a rejuvenation effect and swim in the amazing thermal waters, come here, especially since the distance from Side to Pamukkale (Denizli) is 310 km. Not far from this area is the ancient city of Hierapolis with its interesting ancient history and rich past.

One-day trip Pamukkale from Side includes:

Visiting the terraces, Walking through the Roman amphitheatre, which once housed more than twenty-five thousand people, visiting the ruins of the temple of Apollo, the martyrium of St. Philip. Roman baths and baths, where according to legends, was once the same Cleopatra. Walk through Hierapolis and the local Necropolis, which is considered the largest Turkish cemetery. Thermal pool and red water springs Karhait (visited if required by a group or pre-planned by a guide).

The Pamukkale tour from Side will cost you quite inexpensively, especially since it is an interesting opportunity to get acquainted with local sights and touch the antiquities. Do not waste time on vacation wasted, our professional English-speaking guides conduct fascinating excursions at these locations. And, just imagine, the beginning of the tour takes place immediately after you get on the bus and go to Pamukkale Turkey and Hierapolis. And we propose another interesting tour - Pamukkale and Salda lake from Side.

Notice! Our company Side-tours wants to protect every customer and that is why it has introduced such changes: Fewer tourists, more distance, giving out protective masks and free sanitizers! And also after each route, buses undergo a thorough cleaning, and workers are checked by passing a test for the presence of covid-19.

The cost of the Pamukkale trip from Side includes: insurance, entrance tickets at all locations, services of guides with historical education, insurance, transfers from the hotel and back, lunch and dinner

Additional payments: Cleopatra pool (cost is estimated at 8 euros), tickets to Karhait red water (optional), drinks that can be bought on the spot.

We offer it to our guests who wish private tour to pamukkale from Side Antalya

Pamukkale from Side 1 day from city districts

Pamukkale Tour By Sorgun

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Pamukkale Tour From Kumköy

Pamukkale Tour From Kumköy - a tour with a rich schedule, will be a walk along the snow white “cotton castle”, known to the world for its unique beauty. Local and foreign tourists will have the chance to touch history by touring the oldest Hierapolis to see the ancient ruins, buildings and Amphitheatre.

Pamukkale Tour From Titreyengöl

Pamukkale Tour From Titreyengöl - will take guests to the magnificent world of the snow-white "cotton" terraces, which resemble snow drifts. Here you can take unforgettable photos, as well as swim in the famous Spa where, according to legend, the beautiful Cleopatra received her rejuvenating baths.

Pamukkale Trip From Manavgat

Pamukkale Trip From Manavgat - is one of the most popular trips in Turkey and combines the history and beauty of magnificent nature. Guests will be reached by comfortable buses to the UNESCO-protected Pamukkale National Park, where they will see the famous mineral terraces and the ancient city of Hierapolis.

Trip From Kızılağaç To Pamukkale

Trip From Kızılağaç To Pamukkale - is a must-see tour for those who want to get to know Turkey's most famous tourist attraction. Accompanied by an English-speaking guide, tourists will learn how unusual White travertines form, swim in the Cleopatra pool and learn about the history of Hirapolis.

One-Day Pamukkale Trip From Kilot

One-Day Pamukkale Trip From Kilot - will not be too tiring thanks to its busy cultural program. You can see the unique wonder of Pamukkale Castle with your own eyes, feel the power of healing mineral resources and walk through the ancient Hierapolis amphitheatre, which dates back thousands of years.

Pamukkale From Evrenseki

Pamukkale From Evrenseki - includes a program, each of which will leave a mark on a person's memory. You will encounter the breathtaking beauty of Pamukkale's unique mineral resources, the incredible feeling that prevails in the ancient streets of the ancient city of Hierapolis and the walls of the famous Amphitheatre .

Pamukkale Trip From Çolaklı

Pamukkale Trip From Çolaklı - is one of the popular tours in Turkey, where thousands of guests attend every year . Many dream of seeing with their own eyes the breathtaking beauty of the snow-white hot springs, swimming in the famous pool of Cleopatra, where the water resembles bubbles of champagne, and wandering the streets of ancient Hierapolis.

Pamukkale from Side 1 day price list

 1 Adult 30
 1 Children (4-7) 20
 1 Infants (0-3) Free

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Pamukkale from Side 1 day excursion program

  • You can buy the program that includes all entrance tickets, breakfast, lunch. Ask to manager about details.

  • Pamukkale from Side 1 day will begin with the transfer of guests from Side hotels

  • Start of the excursion on the route to the province of Denizli

  • Breakfast at the restaurant (you can also take a lunch box from the hotel)

  • Optional: tour to the red springs Karahayit, free time for walking

  • Lunch at a national restaurant

  • Tour with guide in Pamukkale National Natural Park “Cotton Castle”

  • Tour with guide in ancient city Hierapolis: the ancient amphitheater, streets and buildings, the biggest Necropolis, etc.

  • Cleopatra pool with mineral water - bathing optional

  • Time for walk, photo, sightseeing etc.

  • Meetiong with participants of excursion near the bus and departure on the way back

  • Dinner at a national restaurant

  • Arrival at hotels in the region

What every guest should know

  • Tour days: Every day

  • Tour hours: 06:00 - 22:00

  • Includes: transfer, insurance, English-speaking guide, dinner

  • Excludes: entrance to the Cleopatra pool, entrance to the Red springs Karkhait, drinks, tickets to Pamukkale and Hierapolis, breakfast, lunch

  • Recommended: lunch box from the hotel (order at the reception a day before departure), water, comfortable shoes and clothes, swimwear, towels.

Pamukkale from Side 1 day video

Denizli,Cleopatra's pool

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