Quad bike and rafting in Side

Quad bike and rafting in Side will allow you to simply have a great time, and get acquainted with the natural beauty of Turkey. You will ride on well-known quad bikes, on interesting and safe mountain and wooded terrains. Rafting is the best experience and adventure for beginners and professionals.

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Quad bike and rafting in Side Content of the trip

Dear guests, we apologize for the temporary inconvenience caused by coronavirus infection. To relax cool in direct and figurative senses, you need at the entrance to the bus to get a disposable protective mask, gloves and disinfectants that need to be put into action. We care about the health of our tourists.

Excursion to Quad bike and rafting in Side Turkey will allow you to simply have a great time, truly relax from the gray of everyday life, and get acquainted with the natural beauty of Turkey. This is a relatively inexpensive way to buy a tour and experience new emotions. The distance from Side to the beginning of your Quad bike and rafting journey is insignificant; the group travels on a comfortable bus. Then you will be able to ride on well-known quad bikes on an interesting and guaranteed safe track in the mountains and wooded terrain.

What to take with you?

For Quad bike and rafting from Side Turkey - take with you: Swimsuit or swimming trunks, water, tissue for the face (to protect it from dust and dirt), cream and sunglasses. Wear exceptionally comfortable clothing and shoes. Bring money with you in case you want to buy a photo or video for memory. For rafting, you must also take shoes that do not fall down from your feet, a T-shirt for a life jacket, shorts made of non-slip material, a personal towels and a replaceable set of clothes.

Tour program:

  • In the morning tourists are taken from hotels. All meet in the canyon of Köprülü, where the excursion program begins.
  • Members of the Quad bike and rafting group dress up, receive life jackets and helmets, which is included in the trip price, and short technical instruction.
  • Then you need to climb to the starting point, from where the tourists are distributed among the boats. Rafting is available in double or eight-seater boats.
  • Duration of the alloy ranges from 2.5 to 3 hours. During the rafting, make two stops: first 30 minutes, second 15 minutes.
  • After lunch, tourists are taken to the starting point of the quad safari, where the exciting journey begins.
  • The duration of the safari is about 1,5 hours.
  • Tourists return to their hotels.

See more information for Jeep safari and rafting tour.

Included in the price: Transfer, insurance, instructor services, equipment for rafting and quad safaris, lunch.

Additional charges: Photo and video, double kayak (optional), drinks, wetsuit, special shoes (optional).

Rafting features:

What are the main features of rafting, which is relatively inexpensive for tourists in Side? After arriving at the point, participants of the rafting are given special equipment. This is a life jacket and a helmet. In addition, you can pay the necessary price and take professional shoes and other items that are needed for maximum convenience.

After the tourists have a detailed briefing, they will be able to board the boats. Each usually accommodates within 8-10 people. This will be the starting point for your travels. Instructors with extensive experience guarantee the safety of travelers. There is absolutely no Need for preliminary training.

Quad bike and rafting in Side from city districts

Quad bike and rafting in Side price list

 1 Passenger 15
 1 Adult 30

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Quad bike and rafting in Side excursion program

  • You can also choose the Quad safari + Rafting + Zipline program for 45 euro per person.

  • Transfer from the hotel

  • Gathering of tourists in the canyon of Köprülü

  • Short technical instruction

  • Obtaining special helmets and vests

  • Rafting in boats (2 or 10 seats)

  • The First part of the alloy (7.5 km-1.5 hours)

  • Stop (15 minutes)

  • The Second part of the alloy (7.5 km-1.5 hours)

  • Stop for lunch (40 minutes)

  • Bus Ride (15 km)

  • Arrival in the base Quad bikes in Side

  • Short technical instruction

  • Dress up protective gear

  • Quad bike safari in Side 

  • Transfer to the hotel

What every guest should know

  • Tour days: Every Day

  • Tour hours: 09:00 - 19:00

  • Includes: Transfer, insurance, lunch, equipment for Quad bike and rafting, English-speaking guide.

  • Excludes: Drinks.

  • Recommended: Swimsuits, replacement dry clothes, closed shoes.

Quad bike and rafting in Side video

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