Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon is a relatively new tourist destination in Alanya. The canyon was opened in 2008. Now there are restaurants and cafes around the canyon. The place is among the most popular touristic areas in Turkey in recent years.

Sapadere Canyon
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Sapadere Canyon is a relatively new tourist destination. The canyon was opened in 2008. Before that, it was possible to visit only a savage, which is not very safe. Now between the rocks stretched suspension bridges for a kilometer and tourists can safely move along the route.

Sapadere Canyon restaurant

At the entrance to the canyon made a convenient parking, a small restaurant, toilet, souvenir shop, there were equipped descents to the bathing places in the mountain river. There are 4 such descents throughout the route. Since the bottom of the canyon runs a mountain river, the temperature of which fluctuates in the area of 12-15 degrees, there is always cool refreshing weather, which saves a lot on hot suffocating summer days.

The route of movement through the canyon is uncomplicated and leads tourists to the main waterfall at the end of the route. It will take about an hour to walk slowly. There will be 4 main stops along the entire route, where you can freshen up in the invigorating mountain river.

  • The first stop is at the entrance to the canyon, where the water in the river is calmer and is away from the main channel. In this regard, the water temperature here is higher than in other places.
  • The next stop for swimming is surrounded by sheer cliffs, here connect two mountain streams and the water is much colder.
  • At the third stop there will be a small lake with its underwater cave.
  • And at the end of the route the culmination of the whole walk. A lake of decent size, formed by a waterfall to fall from a height. Those who wish can swim in the purest mountain water.

After such a tedious journey you can eat at the exit of the canyon. There is a great fish restaurant, where you will cook only fish caught from the river on the grill. Be sure to try baked tuna.

How I can get Sapadere Canyon

Getting to the Sapadere canyon now is not difficult for a tourist. There are many options. If you can get to Sapadere Canyon by car, be sure to check its location on the map. The canyon is 110 km from Side, on the way you will definitely pass Alanya and strongly recommend to stay here for a couple of hours. A minimal view of Alanya will provide you with a visit to Cleopatra beach, a cable car ride to the top of an ancient fortress and be sure to go to the damlatash cave. Alanya is half way to the canyon. From here, it is only 50 km towards Gazipasha airport. Having passed the villages of Mahmutlar and Kargicak it is necessary to turn inland in the direction of the settlement demirtas and then on the signs to reach the canyon.

This route is available if you rented a car, if you go by public transport, you need to get to the bus station of Alanya, there to take a bus to Demirtas, and already from the village to get to the canyon 15 km by taxi. Unfortunately, public transport does not go to the canyon.

It is much easier to take advantage of the tour service and book a tour of Sapadere canyon from Side. Then all logistical issues will fall on our shoulders, and you will only enjoy the rest. Also quite popular are walks in the canyon in large open jeeps, but this type of service is available only for Alanya and nearby villages. And of course you can order a taxi from your hotel to the canyon and back, but this service will not be cheap, so it should be considered only in the most extreme cases.

Have a good holiday!!!

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