Side Bazaar

Side Bazaar is a very popular entertainment for both locals and visiting tourists who want to buy high-quality and inexpensive things from Manavgat market, sweets or souvenirs. The most crowded day of the bazaar is Saturday. It opens in the morning and ends at sunset.

Side Bazaar
Side Tours

Side Bazaar is a very popular entertainment for both locals and visiting tourists who want to buy high-quality and inexpensive things, sweets or souvenirs from Manavgat area.

Side Manavgat bazaar: opening hours

Traditionally, any market in Side starts working in the early morning and continues its activity until the evening. Most often, shops open at eight in the morning and close by six in the evening

Side market saturday

On Saturday, the Turkish bazaar usually opens at the Four Minaret Mosque in Manavgat Side. This is the most popular and largest market in the city, which on the rest of the week moves to the villages closest to the city.

  • Sunday bazaar in Kizilagac
  • Monday bazaar Sorgun
  • Tuesday market Kumkoy
  • Wednesday bazaar Colakli

This vibrant and varied bazaar offers a wide range of swim and beach goods, children's and adult clothing, as well as many Turkish souvenirs. Especially local traders love to bargain, so the already low prices for goods can be reduced by up to two times through a kind, playful conversation. Fans of this type of leisure are highly recommended to visit the Manavgat waterfall boat trip from Side with a stop at the Manavgat market.

Markets in Side Turkey

Another well-known market in the city is the grocery one. He does not have a permanent location, but the locals always know when to expect him. This information can also be asked at the hotel reception. Here you can find an abundance of delicious vegetables and fresh juicy fruits, local meat and milk, as well as many options for Turkish sweets - baklava, Turkish delight, real coffee is here in unlimited quantities.

Shopping in Side Turkey

The textile market, which is located in the center of the city of Side, has in its assortment clothing from local production. You can also buy wonderful lamps, ceramics, carpets and even hookahs here. At the end of the holiday season, towards the end of September, local items can be bought at a great discount.

The market in the Antique District is located in the city center and works there every day. It is made in the form of a very well-groomed limestone trading path, where there are shops on the ground floors where you can buy sweets, souvenirs and clothes. Part of the pedestrian road here is made of transparent glass, which opens up a view of the excavations of ancient Side.

Side area bazaar opening hours, and locations

If we talk about smaller Turkish markets, which are located not in the city itself, but in the regions, then the most famous of them are:

  • Sorgun bazar in the village of the same name Sorgun,
  • Turkish market in Colakli on Wednesdays,
  • Evrenseki Şaşmaz Bazaar in Evrenseki,
  • The famous clothing market in Kumkoy, which stretches for several kilometers along the city.

All these locations are waiting for their visitors every day, as they are located in the resort area. In general, Side Bazaar and the villages is an excellent way to profitably and economically purchase essential items and souvenirs.

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